TechnoAlpin Offers New User Experience

TechnoAlpin has ushered in a new era in snowmaking and introduced the new ATASSpro software. It combines the best functions of the tried and tested Liberty and ATASSplus systems in a single system. At the same time, the functions have been radically updated and brought into line with modern software engineering. The software brings all of the functions and apps needed and used to the forefront, thereby creating a unique user experience. Damien Landreau, Technical Director of TechnoAlpin France and ATASSpro Project Manager together with Project Manager Patric Lenarduzzi talk about the benefits of this latest milestone in the history of TechnoAlpin.

What is the biggest advantage of ATASSpro from your point of view?

Damien: "It is quite simple. ATASSpro is the best of the two best control software packages on the market – Liberty and ATASSplus. The software is the perfect tool for the snowmaking team and also for managers. ATASSpro is the brain and the face of modern snowmaking technology.

Patric: "It is difficult for me to pick out the biggest advantage of ATASSpro because there are many benefits, like usability, simplicity, stability and the brand new features, such as the rights management system. The stability of the system is guaranteed by years of experience in modern control software technology. And these are only some of the advantages of ATASSpro.

How does the new SnowProcess feature help to manage the ski area?

Damien: "Snow production can be optimized using the SnowProcess: Even the smallest of cold windows can be used in snow production. The system also helps when it comes to dealing with malfunctions. If one snow producer should fail, another one will be started up so that no single “snowmaking hour” is lost. This can all be preset by the user of course. The priorities are selected in any given case and the system will then react on the basis of these settings.

What advantage will customers have if they switch from Liberty or ATASSplus to ATASSpro?

Damien: "Liberty customers will have a completely new user experience. The map view with GPS function is one of the most impressive new benefits of changing the system. Other standout features include the multi-user mode and the client-server architecture.

Patric: "Everyone who switches from an ATASSplus system to ATASSpro will find the usual functions. There is not just one advantage to single out as significant. All the functions we provide are important for our users. We took a critical look at the existing features and asked our customers for their opinions at an early stage in the development process and then improved the functions. ATASSpro combines existing functions with new options.

What can new customers expect from ATASSpro?

Patric: "ATASSpro offers new customers the whole package - it has all the functions they require. We have the right solution for every ski area, no matter how small or how large it is. Customers are given extensive training and configure the system together with our staff, to ensure that they are comfortable with the ATASSpro system from the outset. The versatile functions help our customers to plan during snowmaking operations and to boost the efficiency of the snowmaking system. There is also an evaluation tool which enables decisions to be made on the basis of data and statistics.

The future. Here and now.

ATASSpro is controlled fully automatically with the SnowProcess, thereby ensuring an overview of the entire system, i.e. snowmaking is started automatically as soon as the right conditions prevail. A large proportion of the comprehensive data is used in important decision making to ensure optimal planning and production forecasts. ATASSpro is controlled either via the desktop PC or the revised mobile app, both of which offer an intuitive user experience thanks to the revolutionary navigation concept.

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