Dragon Eyewear Introduces “Upcycled Collection”

Dragon Eyewear, a globally recognized performance eyewear brand with deep ties to the action sports world, announces the launch of their new eyewear collection featuring frames made from recycled plastic water bottles. Known for their innovative designs and expert craftsmanship, Dragon continues to evolve into a new era of growth – this time with sustainability at the forefront.

Available now, the new Upcycled collection includes 3 unisex sun styles and 3 unisex ophthalmic styles all produced through a new method where 5 recycled plastic water bottles are repurposed, or “upcycled” into a frame. By reducing the impact plastic bottles have on the environment, Dragon is protecting the land we love to explore, the air we breathe and the oceans we surf.

“Dragon has always been a leader in creating premium eyewear that features technical breakthroughs, while successfully keeping the brand’s heritage the focus,” said Thomas Burkhardt, Senior Vice President of Global Brands, Marketing and Design at Marchon Eyewear, Inc. “Dragon’s sustainable initiative began in Fall 2019 by producing all injected styles with plant-based resin. By incorporating these styles into their collection, Dragon solidifies their commitment to social responsibility, while also tying it back to the brand’s heritage in surf.”

The fabrication process begins with 5 plastic bottles being manually separated and selected. Next, the recycled waste is washed thoroughly and cut into chips. The chips are pressed into small pellets, then melted down and injected into a frame. Implementing recycled materials into the manufacturing process helps to reduce Dragon’s carbon footprint and preserve our planet, while providing the same lightweight, durable quality that Dragon eyewear is known for. Additionally, the Upcycled collection will be packaged in recyclable poly-bags.

To further their sustainable initiatives, Dragon eyewear has entered into an ongoing partnership with The Surfrider Foundation on their Clean Water Initiative – a multi-tiered approach to tackle ocean pollution. The Surfrider Foundation has over 150 chapters and clubs worldwide, over 50 of them throughout the United States.

Dragon’s Spring 2020 video campaign features staggering facts about plastic pollution, the importance of clean waters, and a visual description of the fabrication process. The campaign’s water bottle symbol serves as a unique way to identify the Upcycled styles at point of sale, while also acknowledging the prominent DNA of the Dragon brand.

The Upcycled collection will be available worldwide starting today at Dragon specialty retailers, select optical retailers and online at dragonalliance.com and eyeconic.com.

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