More Problems For Troubled Ski Club Of Great Britain

The troubled Ski Club of Great Britain is undergoing yet more traumas.

Fresh from announcing an £840k loss and the end of its leader programme the club has now lost another Chief Executive. Former treasurer Ian Holt, who replaced Darren Neylon as chair has resigned. Neylon left the role after 14 months, Ian Holt's tenure lasted for 9 months. His successor, albeit in a role with a subtly different title is expected to remain in post for 8 months... no really.

A letter from Trevor Campbell Davis, the SCGB Chairman, who recently replaced Malcolm Bentley as chair following his recent resignation [there is a pattern here don't you think..] has announced the appointment of Angus Maciver as 'General Manager' of the SCGB. 

SIN is looking out for a planning application for the installation of a revolving door at Ski Club mission control.

In his statement Campbell Davis said:

"8 April 2020

"The Council of the Ski Club of Great Britain this week announced the resignation of Ian Holt as Chief Executive of the Club, with effect from 31 March 2020. I am writing to provide further information about the management of the Club during the coming months.

"In common with other clubs and businesses associated with the travel industry, the SCGB is greatly affected by the impact of COVID-19 and, in our case, by the premature end of the 2020 ski season. At a time when the Club is already making significant changes to restore stability and ensure future value for our members, our staff are now dealing with new uncertainties about next season. I can report that they are rising to these challenges with enthusiasm and commitment to our members.

"To lead this team during the coming months, I am pleased also to announce the appointment of Angus Maciver as General Manager of the SCGB. Angus will take over the day-to-day management of the Club, reporting through the Chairman to the SCGB Council. He will be responsible for executing the strategies agreed by Council (the Board of the Club), and for managing our key membership activities and Fresh Tracks and Mountain Tracks holiday businesses.

"Angus brings extensive business experience to his new role. This includes working as CEO of a medium-sized company for eight years and in senior marketing positions in the retail (Morrisons), insurance (Prudential) and FMCG (PepsiCo and P&G) industries. Angus has been a Ski Club member for many years as well as an on-snow Representative for the Club. He has served on Council for ten months, the last four as Treasurer, and is already fully engaged with addressing the current challenges.

"In order to take up his new position, and in accordance with the Articles of the Club, Angus will stand down from Council and from his position as Treasurer 

"The SCGB Council expects that Angus will continue in this new role for up to eight months. During this time, and as the future management requirements of the Club become clearer, Council will make arrangements to identify and appoint a suitable permanent senior manager.

"When I accepted the position of interim Chairman of the Club in January 2020, I did so on the understanding that Council would address the significant governance and performance issues raised by members at the Club’s AGM in November 2019. At that meeting, the Club made a commitment to investigate and report to members how those issues arose, their impact on the Club’s reputation and financial standing, and how they would be addressed. This announcement is in the context of that agreement. I expect to write more fully on the matter in a letter to members later this month.

"Trevor Campbell Davis

"SCGB Chairman"

Don't be surprised to see more shock and horror from one of the oldest ski clubs in the world.

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