Nikwax Raises The Bar On Sustainable Booth Design At Summer OR

Nikwax, the global leader in waterproofing and cleaning for outdoor performance gear and apparel, is unveiling a new booth at Summer OR that will raise the bar on sustainable design. Renewable and recycled materials will be used for the entirety of the booth. Additionally, the entire booth, including the structure, facade, furniture, hanging sign, and even the shipping crate will all be recyclable at the end of the booth’s useful life. The un-carpeted floor, which has now been adopted show-wide for the aisles, means less waste and materials. Stickers made from wood, which are durable, dishwasher safe and biodegradable, will be handed out in lieu of vinyl. Continuing on its 40+ years of sustainability across operations and product line, the booth will focus attention on the brand’s commitment to using 100% recycled plastic in its bottles, which will also continue to be recyclable.

Falconboard®, the main component of the booth, is primarily made from renewable forest resources and recycled materials. It is completely recyclable and produces no chlorofluorocarbons and emits no VOCs during manufacturing. Falconboard meets the requirements for sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certification in North America and promotes closed loop recycling. It is baler friendly, renewable and reusable, lessens dependence on petroleum-based resins and decreases landfill waste.

“We’re excited to unveil a new booth that exhibits our long and evolving commitment to sustainability”, said Heidi Allen, VP Marketing, Nikwax NA. “Trade shows like OR oftentimes lead to huge expenditures of resources, and these can cause heavy impacts on the environment. By creating a fully recyclable booth, produced using sustainable materials, we hope to show that trade shows don’t have to mean piles of waste. We’re excited to be part of an industry and trade show that is working toward improvement in many meaningful ways. To all our friends at this upcoming show who are also taking steps on plastic and waste reduction, great work!”

Nikwax was also early to sign on to the Plastic Impact Challenge for Summer OR. In addition to employees committing to using their own mugs and water bottles, the brand will be hosting a water station for both people and dogs. Nikwax’s booth is 39095-UL. All are invited to stop by and check out the new design and learn more.

For over 40 years, Nikwax has consistently been at the forefront of addressing environmental issues associated with product ingredients, manufacturing operations, and packaging. It was the first aftercare company to have a fully water-based, solvent-free, waterproofing line and is the only outdoor company to have fully balanced its historical (40+ years) operational carbon emissions. The DNA of the brand is all about re-purposing and extending the life of outdoor gear and apparel, keeping it out of landfills, and allowing outdoorists to spend less on new gear and Do More outside.

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