Wigwam Socks Announces Search For 2019 #TeamWigwam

Wigwam Mills Inc., the family-owned maker of premium, made-in-the-USA socks since 1905, has announced it is searching for Wigwam brand ambassadors to wear and represent their socks and the Wigwam brand during the current year. The program, called #TeamWigwam, will include a diverse group of approximately 12 of athletes, activists, artists and more. Anyone intersected can check out the program guidelines and apply for the program at #TeamWigwam. The deadline for completed applications is Monday, January 21, 2019.

“We are looking for passionate people with an interesting story to share on social media,” says Deanna Zabel, Wigwam Marketing Communications Manager. “As a member of #teamwigwam, you'll be rewarded with socks (of course). In return, you'll be asked to provide social media and web content for Wigwam. We'll even help promote our ambassador’s causes and give them a few "shout outs" during 2019!”

Four current #TeamWigwam ambassadors who have been pivotal to Wigwam’s success over the past year will remain on the team as Platinum ambassadors.

  • Jonnah Perkins (@TheUltraFarmer) - Jonnah is an organic farmer, ultrarunner, writer, running coach and mother. "The real reason for all of my brute effort, both in farming and running, is an attempt to satiate my desire to live deeply in our natural world," Jonnah says.
  • Chad Brown (@_chadbrown_, www.soulriverinc.org) - Chad, a U.S Navy Veteran, founded the non-profit Soul River Inc. to engage veterans to become mentors for inner city youth through fly fishing. Veterans become the teachers helping young people to stay on the right track as well as helping them learn to love the outdoors.
  • Jamie Bradford (@Wisconsin_Farmhouse) – Jamie is a Verona, Wisconsin based woodworker who finds her passion in creating handmade furniture, renovating old homes and repurposing wherever she can.
  • Carol Dellinger (@caroldellinger, www.warriormarathonrunner.com) - Carol has finished 311 marathons and is a 9 Year Breast Cancer Survivor. Carol’s life motto is "You never know how strong you have to be until being strong is the only option."

Find information and an application for #TeamWigwam at https://www.wigwam.com/inside-wigwam/blog/brand-ambassadors/sign-up

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