1,000,000th. Ride On The New Höss Cable Car

At the end of the 2023/24 ski season, the Höss Bahn, which was inaugurated in winter 2022, will complete its 1,000,000th. Drive. A family of four from Korneuburg, who are guests of the ski area for the second time this season, completed the anniversary trip. They were honored with a family ski pass and a goodie bag. There was great joy and the ski-loving kids can hardly wait for the new 2024/25 ski season.

“The extremely high conveying capacity, accessibility and state-of-the-art technology are an absolute asset – for our guests, for our employees and therefore for our company! The new 10-seater Hössbahn is a complete success,” says Lukas Eckl (26), operations manager in Hinterstoder.

Upper Austria's largest cable car project - the new Hössbahn in Hinterstoder as an enrichment for an entire region

The new Hössbahn is a gondola lift that can carry 3,200 guests per hour with 10-passenger cabins. In practice, the new delivery rate corresponds to a 50% increase in capacity and will therefore lead to a significant reduction in waiting times for guests. The new location of the valley station, directly after entering the town near the large car park, means a much shorter and more comfortable route for all visitors.

What's also new is that the ski cases are on the inside, which means a significant time saving when getting in. With a route length of 2,606 meters, an altitude difference of 811 meters is overcome in a time of 6.5 minutes. The new cable car was an important step in meeting the new requirements and in ensuring the tourist attractiveness of Hinterstoder for the next decades. “The railway is contemporary, energy-efficient and modern. “We are setting our example for modern tourism in the Stodertal,” says Rainer Rohregger, board member of HIWU Bergbahnen. This investment will also make the valley runs more attractive and more used. This in turn led to higher guest frequency in the shops and restaurants in the town center.

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