Zipfit Partners With 1% For The Planet And Protect Our Winters

Zipfit has partnered with 1% For The Planet And Protect Our Winters, in a statment they say:

ZipFit Liners have long stood for quality and durability. As a brand, we turn our backs on planned obsolescence and aim to make liners that last so long, they lessen our community’s collective impact on the planet. We are proud to take our commitment to winter one step further by partnering with world class nonprofits 1% for the Planet and Protect Our Winters. 

In 2020, new leadership stepped in with the primary focus of establishing brand values that reflect our love for skiing and the dire threat that our winter sports industry faces from climate change. ZipFit will continue to build the best product, but we also vow to foster a community that cares about and takes action around climate change, keeping skiing alive both culturally and environmentally.

ZipFit Managing Director, Chris Dominick reflects, “On the western slope of Colorado, we have grown accustomed to a fifth season, fire season. We at ZipFit continue to examine our relationship to the changing climate worldwide. Already, we seek to create lasting products and we aim to source materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. Partnering with 1% For the Planet and POW reinforces our commitment to a more sustainable future for skiing.”

ZipFit will be working with Protect Our Winters (POW), the ski industry’s leading voice of advocacy for climate action. Like ZipFit, POW believes that passion for the outdoors can be the catalyst for change. We are grateful to be able to add our voice to their community.

By teaming up with 1% for the Planet, ZipFit is committing to donate 1% of our gross sales directly to environmental non-profits. We recognize the urgency of the environmental issues facing our planet and look forward to the connections and relationships we will build through the 1% for the Planet network.

As skiers, we all notice the shortening and shifting winters and the increased uncertainty of the snowpack. Here at ZipFit, we are always looking for new strategies to address the issues threatening our sport and our planet. 

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