Whitepaper Confirms: AirFlare Enhances Ski Patrol Operations With Proven Cost Savings And Improved Safety Response

First released in 2015, the outdoors safety system AirFlare helps ski resorts prioritize guest safety while optimizing operational efficiency, according to a whitepaper its developer, Vector Flight LLC, recently released.

The company surveyed ski patrol directors and assistant directors and conducted in-depth interviews with many of them, finding that integrating the AirFlare search and location platform into ski resort operations significantly enhances operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

“As our new whitepaper concludes, AirFlare’s integration into ski resort operations marks a significant advance in how resorts manage safety and guest experiences,” AirFlare co-founder Denis Lee said. “It is a testament to our platform’s efficacy that resorts see not only an enhancement in safety protocols and response strategies but also substantial cost efficiencies.”

Recent studies outlined in AirFlare’s 2024 whitepaper demonstrate the platform’s impact:

  • Operational efficiency — Every patrol director surveyed (100 percent) reports AirFlare reduced operational costs, streamlined both routine and critical rescue operations, and enhanced patroller performance and guest safety.

  • Response times — AirFlare dramatically reduces search and rescue times, with its precise location discovery capabilities cutting down response times to reach guests in distress.

  • Guest loyalty — Implementing AirFlare has shown an 8 percent increase in guest return rates, underscoring the platform’s role in enhancing guest satisfaction and safety perceptions.

  • Patrol morale — With less stress and reduced after-hours searches, patrol teams experience lower turnover and a more vibrant workplace culture.

  • Legal protection — AirFlare's documented safety responses serve as a strategic asset in risk management, effectively mitigating potential lawsuits and positioning ski resorts as safety leaders.

  • Lifesaving capabilities — The platform’s efficiency in locating and assisting guests has directly contributed to saving lives, with several rescue operations where quick actions facilitated by AirFlare were crucial have been documented.

Angie Nylund, senior ski patroller and trainer at Schweitzer, summed up the value and benefits of AirFlare: “We utilize it not only to locate lost individuals in the backcountry but also to pinpoint injured skiers within our ski area boundary. Thanks to AirFlare, our search times have seen a remarkable reduction, allowing us to offer our guests a superior experience.”

Lee said experiences like these confirm AirFlare is far more than a crisis-response tool.

"In today's demanding operational climate, AirFlare is not just a tool but a strategic asset that aligns with a ski resort’s commitment to safety and operational excellence," Lee said. "It's about providing guests in need with a quick response while ensuring our teams are supported with the best technology available."

AirFlare is currently deployed at more than two-dozen ski areas across the country, including Berkshire East Mountain Resort, MA; Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, ID; Brundage Mountain Resort, ID; Burke Mountain, VT; Crystal Mountain, WA; Diamond Peak, CA; Jay Peak, VT; Mt. Ashland, OR, Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area, ID; Magic Mountain, VT; Purgatory Ski Resort, CO; Powder Mountain, UT; Schweitzer, ID; Sierra at Tahoe, CA; Silver Mountain Resort, ID; Soldier Mountain, ID; Tamarack Resort, ID.

Download a PDF of the whitepaper and visit airflare.com/mountainresorts to learn more about how AirFlare can enhance ski resort operations.
Email info@airflare.com to schedule a demonstration.

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