Western Industry On Snow Demos Cancelled

Western Winter Sports Reps Association (WWSRA) has cancelled the 2021 On-Snow Demo cycle. They say:

Hello WWSRA Demo Exhibitors and Attendees,

This week, after careful consideration, your Board of Directors and WWSRA have unanimously decided to cancel the 2021 On-Snow Demo cycle.

With various restriction levels throughout the Western U.S. that can change at any time, we are faced with numerous logistical challenges related to producing a demo-style event. Additionally, our retail shops have been impacted by COVID-19 on multiple levels, making it difficult for owners and buyers to make advance decisions on attending demos. And lastly, some of our demo locations are in areas and communities where the risk is simply too great to overlook the impact of holding an event that will bring hundreds of individuals from around the region, putting additional stress on these communities. Unlike indoor shows, we do not have the ability to control the cleanliness or physical distancing of the environment at an outdoor event.

We are all heartbroken making this decision, but know that this is the right course of action for 2021. We are enormously disappointed that we will not be able to provide events that not only help with buying decisions, but that also bring us together as an industry and a community.

While we may not be meeting in person this year at on-snow demos, we want to make it clear to everyone that we are here and we are listening. Your Board of Directors and the staff at WWSRA will be working throughout this winter to look ahead and begin developing what the future of regional shows and demos will look like. Now, more than ever before, we have time to thoughtfully look at who WWSRA is and begin to imagine the resource that we can be to all of you and your businesses. Our mission statement from the beginning has been to facilitate an efficient and effective buy/sell cycle for our industry’s reps & retailers. As we build on this mission statement, we are open and eager to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for how we can best serve our community today and in the years to come.

We are looking forward to the future and seeing you all in person again soon, for some of you that will be at our January Denver & SLC shows.

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