Three Moving Carpets For Pardiel Installed By Sunkid

The Kinderland on Pardiel in the Pizol Bad Ragaz ski and hiking area is a paradise for little winter sports enthusiasts eager to discover new things and guarantees variety in the family ski day. Since the winter season 21/22, three additional Sunkid conveyor belts have been making it easier for beginner skiers to climb the slopes and thus enjoy learning to ski.

Between Bad Ragaz and Wangs rises the summit of the Pizol (2844m). Around the massif a unique natural landscape (UNESCO World Natural Heritage) opens up with breathtaking panoramic views over the Alps of Eastern Switzerland and Vorarlberg to Lake Constance. The valley stations in Bad Ragaz and Wangs can be reached in less than an hour from Zurich and St. Gallen and are only five minutes from the highway exit. From there, two cable cars take guests to the versatile ski area in just a few minutes.

Pardiel is one of two centerpieces of the ski area and has ideal terrain for learning to ski or snowboard. Until now, there was a Moving Carpet at Pizol, which is operated by the Ski School and was also one of the first conveyor belts in Switzerland.

Also, since the winter of 2020/21, there has been a small ski lift from Sunkid - the Mega Comfort Star. The Mega Comfort Star is a small ski lift with swivel-mounted disc brackets on a steel cable. These features allow an ideal adjustment to the passengers (children or adults). The motorized height adjustment of up to 5 meters, facilitates the preparation of the lift route. In the ski area "Wanges" it is used at the Funpark (Riderspark) as an employment plant. This means that the "Riders" in the Funpark have their own lift.

With the expansion on the Wangs side around the Prodboden practice lift and the ski school area at around 1600m, with three more Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts in the winter season 21/22 and the creation of the Kinderland Pardiel, the ski area gains more attractiveness and expands its offer for families. Thanks to the use of various lifts of different lengths and the different slopes to the left and right of the Moving Carpet, ski school lessons can be better adapted to the ability of the participants. Also, the newly created children's slopes with different figures offer a varied and fun program.

Two of the new conveyor belts, one on the newly created children's slope and the connecting belt between the Kinderland and the Bad Ragaz 8-seater gondola, are covered with a Sunkid Evolus gallery. This roofing keeps the belts free of snow even in case of precipitation or bad weather, thus minimizing the risk of slipping for pedestrians who have to get from the Ski School to the gondola lift.

In addition, the newly installed connecting conveyor belts offer an almost barrier-free access to the Kinderland and are therefore particularly attractive for families.


  • Use-case:  Beginner slopes
  • Length: 87 m
  • Beltwidth: 750 mm
  • Surface: Blue Eye
  • Propulsion: 11 kW
  • max. Speed: 0.7 m/sec
  • Gallery: Yes


  • Use-case: Connecting lift
  • Length:93 m
  • Beltwidth:750 mm
  • Surface:Blue Eye
  • Propulsion:15 kW
  • max. Speed:0.7 m/sec
  • Gallery:Yes


  • Use-case:Children's Ski Land
  • Length:24 m
  • Beltwidth:750 mm
  • Surface:Blue Eye
  • Propulsion:5.5 kW
  • max. Speed:0.7 m/sec

KLAUS NUSSBAUMER, CEO PIZOLBAHNEN AG said "We are pleased to be able to offer our smallest guests significant added value thanks to the three new premium-class conveyor belts. The visitor numbers in the Kinderland are far above our expectations and confirm our decision to invest boldly in the future despite the uncertainties in the second Corona year."

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