TechnoAlpin: TR10 Rated As Best performer In Class!

The snow producers designed by TechnoAlpin, the snowmaking innovation leader, all boast unrivaled production performances and a higher efficiency than any other machines available on the market. Let’s focus on one of the latest fan guns released by TechnoAlpin: The TR10 from the TR series, the mobile machines.
With the same technical platform as the TT series, the TR10 offers impressive snow production capacities and delivers a premium quality snow that meet the needs of the most demanding snowmaking crews, while allowing also for a great operational flexibility as this is a mobile machine, mounted on a carriage.
With 8 nucleators and 24 nozzles in total, the TR10 not only perform extremely well at cold temperatures, but is also a production champion when the conditions are milder, when making snow at marginal temperatures. The new nozzle valve block technology of the TR family enables a very fine control of the water flow, making sure to make the most of the weather conditions at all time.
The new nozzle valve block also prevents water loss when operating the various valves as the nozzles are now emptied using compressed air. The excess water is integrated directly into the air stream and then converted into snow. So, no water is lost! In addition, the nucleators and nozzle are fitted with ruby inserts, making these components extremely durable and preserving the snow quality season after season.
Ski resorts operators are praising the performances of the TR10, like Andreas Biesler, Director of Sierra Nevada ski area (Spain), who says “At Sierra Nevada, we use powerful fan guns to maximize cold temperature windows, which are short-lived. TR machines significantly improve energy efficiency, require little maintenance and even at marginal temperatures they deliver high snowmaking performance, especially on wide and steep slopes.”
The impressive qualities of the TR10 have also convinced the ski resort operator of Bakuriani (Georgia), which hosted the 2023 Freestyle ski and Snowboard World Championships. Indeed, among the snow producers selected to make the snow and prepare the slopes according the FIS standards, a large share was TR10s. They contributed largely to making this major winter sport event a great success!

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