TechnoAlpin Promotes Manufacturing Excellence In Their Welding Workshop

When it comes to snow production, the quest for excellence and the constant search for performance require attention to the smallest detail, from design to on-site installation. This is why for many years TechnoAlpin has chosen to control the entire manufacturing process of the components used in its snowmaking systems as much as possible, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards. The welding workshop, located at the group's headquarters in Bolzano, responds in particular to this strategy of controlling and guaranteeing quality for customers.

TechnoAlpin, through its welding workshop, has developed a great expertise in the field of complete manufacturing or prefabrication of piping elements intended for machine rooms, whether they are installed in a building or housed in a container, or installed in special snowmaking shelters and valve pits.


Based on the machine room piping plans drawn up by the TechnoAlpin project engineering teams, the welding workshop manufactures the various components directly: the information is transmitted directly to guarantee perfect understanding of the specifications and ensure optimal integration of the different components. ISO 3834-2 certified, the welding workshop offers the guarantee of work of the highest quality and robustness, while allowing perfect traceability of the parts produced. TechnoAlpin's objective is always to maximize the performance of its products and solutions.

In addition, the internalization and control of the welding workshop allows TechnoAlpin great flexibility and responsiveness in the management of the production schedule for piping components. If necessary, it is possible to quickly adjust the production schedule to meet specific or urgent requests.

Beyond ensuring the quality and perfect integration of the components in the machine rooms, the prefabrication of the piping elements in the workshop also saves considerable time during the on-site installation phase. All you have to do is set up and make the junction welds between the different elements.

At this time of the season, the welding workshop has entered its peak phase of activity. The team are at full speed, ensuring the fabrication and prefabrication of the hundreds of piping elements which are then used on the many construction sites in progress this year. In 2021, nearly 250 tons of materials have been processed by the welding workshop, for a total volume of 20,000 hours of work! All these components made it possible to build 64 valve pits, 103 classic machine rooms and 9 container-machine rooms.

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