Sweden Announces National Team Selections

There will be 27 women and 20 men who will represent the alpine national team 2019/2020.

Alpine boss Tommy Eliasson Winter said "After a World Cup at home, it feels inspiring to look ahead to the coming season with a new national team squad. Some familiar names are already in the absolute top layer, but also some new faces that we look forward to taking further steps in their development. 2019/2020 is a season without championship, which means that we can continue to shape a law and a system that should be competitive in all of the disciplines in 2022. The selected squad gives us strong conditions for making results while building for the future, 

The women's squad - 27 riders

Training group 1
Estelle Alphand, Åre SLK 
Anna Swenn-Larsson, Rättviks SLK 
Emelie Wikström, IFK Sävsjö 
Sara Hector, Kungsbergets AK 
Magdalena Fjällström, Tärna IK Fjällvinden 
Ylva Stålnacke, Kiruna BK 
Charlotta Säfvenberg, UHSK Umeå SK 

Training group Speed
Lisa Hörnblad, High Coast AK 
Lin Ivarsson, Åre SLK 
Helena Rapaport, Mälaröarnas Alpina SK 
Ida Dannewitz, Uppsala SLK

Training group 2
Sara Rask, Sollentuna SLK 
Elsa Håkansson-Fermbäck, Vemdalens IF 
Michelle Kervén, Huddinge SK AF 
Jonna Luthman, Åre SLK 
Hilma Lövblom, Täby SLK 
Emelie Henning, Järfälla AK 
Liv Ceder, Sollentuna SLK 
Lisa Nyberg, Åre SLK 
Moa Boström-Müssener, Uppsala SLK 
Hanna Aronsson-Elfman, Kils SLK

Training group 3
Moa Clementson, Uppsala SLK 
Hedda Martelleur, Uppsala SLK 
Julia Digerfors, Sollentuna SLK 
Melanie Dahlberg, Landskrona Ski-Club 
Emma Sahlin, Sollentuna SLK 
Wilma Marklund, UHSK Umeå SK

Women's teammanager Lars Melin sas that this is "An exciting squad in which I look forward to seeing how the girls can take the additional step of the season 2019/2020. In the World Cup last year there were many who showed their feet and I hope that we can continue to develop in that direction so that additional skaters can establish themselves in the absolute top. In the European Cup and not least JVM, we had great success last year and it is a strong generation of skaters in the talent tube that we look forward with excitement to how they will develop, 

The men's troupe - 20 riders

Training group 1
André Myhrer, Bergsjö Hassela AK 
Matts Olsson, Valfjällets SLK 
Mattias Rönngren, Åre SLK 
Kristoffer Jakobsen, Storklintens AK Skalp 

Training group Speed
Alexander Köll, Landskrona Ski-Club 
Felix Monsén, Åre SLK

Training group 2
Tobias Hedström, Duveds IF 
Jesper Brändholm, Sälens IF 
Carl Jonsson, Klövsjö Alpina 
Olle Sundin, Djurgårdens IF AF 
Gustav Lundbäck, Luleå AK 
Tobias Windingstad, Jönköping SLK

Training group 3
Lukas Karlberg, Alpine islands of the lake Mälaren Islands 
William Hansson, Alpina of the Mälaren islands SK 
Alfred Olsson, Vemdalens IF 
Axel Lindqvist, Sundsvall SLK 
Gustaf Lindqvist, Sundsvall SLK 
William Jonsson, Klövsjö Alpina 
Johan Hagberg, Avesta Alpina Club 
Adam Hofstedt, Karlstad SLK

Mr Fredrik Kingstad said "In the coming season, we want to focus the competition in the men's team, a targeted investment to really make an effort to clog the generation shift we are in. Feel extremely inspiring that André & Matts continues their efforts, both because they are riders in the absolute top layer, but also as two natural leaders and inspirations on the technology side. On the junior side, it is a wonderful print in the system where we saw great progress both at the individual level and as a group as a whole during last year and it will be exciting to follow that development. We are really looking forward to the coming season,"

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