Supersnow Goes On Tour

Technical snowmaking is the basic requirement for a predictable and successful winter season! The 2023/24 season demonstrated this more than clearly, with good snowfall in many places at the beginning and a sufficient cold period, but then a very mild course. In order to guarantee perfect slopes and make it possible for companies to plan the season, it is essential to invest in expanding, modernizing and increasing the effectiveness of a snowmaking system.

The many participants in “SUPERSNOW on TOUR 2024” in Biberwier and at Schatzberg were able to see this for themselves. The aim of this event series was to give existing and potential customers the opportunity to get their own impression of the performance and advantages of SUPERSNOW through direct discussions with the responsible snow masters, the slope managers and the managing directors. In addition to performance in the limit temperature range and low energy consumption, this includes, above all, the reliability of the products, ease of operation and 100% compatibility with the existing snowmaking infrastructure.

Best in class in terms of energy consumption.

With smart niche positioning, SUPERSNOW can particularly score points with the lowest energy costs. Thanks to the unique nucleation system, SUPERSNOW is best in class when it comes to energy consumption and can guarantee its customers savings of > 1,000 kW per snow gun with an average snow output of 250 hours per season.

Optimized energy efficiency through SNOWmatic.

The increased energy costs require automation and optimization of the entire snowmaking process. The SNOWmatic control software guarantees that upcoming cold windows can be identified early and that snow can be made according to defined criteria and priorities. This means producing snow exactly where it is needed, as little as possible but enough for the entire season, in the shortest possible time!

SUPERSNOW is breaking new ground with SNOWmatic. All snow guns from third-party manufacturers can be integrated into SNOWmatic directly via the respective protocol and without using a gateway. Thanks to its web-based design, SNOWmatic is accessible from anywhere and can of course also be operated on a smartphone.

Top service.

Ever since the establishment of its own branch in Roppen, SUPERSNOW has also scored points with professional service. With currently 16 employees, the focus is on advice, delivery and commissioning of lances and propeller machines, as well as maintenance of all snow technology. A new addition is planning. Tailor-made projects and detailed master plans are used to specifically record the individual needs and medium-term development opportunities of the ski areas.

Sustainability is very important.

Not least because of the current climate discussion and the enormous increase in energy costs, the mountain railways are more environmentally conscious than ever. Due to the geographical location of many ski resorts in densely populated valley areas, the issue of noise emissions is becoming increasingly important. Here too, SUPERSNOW is Best in Class and of course TÜV certified.

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