Superfeet Rolls Out Data-Driven Insole Recommendations Nationwide

Superfeet expanded its Personalized Fit Experience to include data-driven insole recommendations. Using lab-quality tools and biomechanic analytic software, Superfeet trained fit professionals, working in U.S. specialty retail stores, guide customers through the insole fit process and recommend custom-tailored insoles when the process is complete.

“The structure of a human foot is as unique as a fingerprint, and the insole recommendation tool is our way to simplify the complexity of finding the right insole for each person’s foot,” said John Rauvola, Superfeet president and CEO. “Not only does the new system analyze foot biomechanics, dimensions and personal needs to recommend Superfeet insoles, it also takes customization to the next level with the option to create individually personalized insoles, 3D-printed at our headquarters in Washington.”

Developed in collaboration with fit-technology manufacturer Volumental, the insole fitting process includes three steps:

  1. A 3D scan is made of the feet with a 360-degree view of each foot, including length, width, instep height, and arch height.
  2. The customer walks across a dynamic pressure mat, which captures hundreds of high-resolution data points for in-depth insights into how pressure and forces impact the feet and body while in motion.
  3. The Superfeet associate analyzes the data and uses interactive tablet-based images to show the customer the similarities and differences between each foot and how the data influences which Superfeet insoles are the optimal choice for their feet measurements.

The data-driven insole recommendation device reviews a catalog of more than 30 Superfeet insole shapes and feels to match customers with the best insole match, including running-specific insoles, Green Insoles and women-specific Berry Insoles. The data from the fitting can be translated into Superfeet ME3D 3D-printed insoles designed to match the geometry of the foot and unique movement patterns.

Superfeets’ Personalized Fit Experience is available in 42 specialty retail stores nationwide, with plans for expansion. To learn more, go here

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