Softflex By Alphatech Apparel Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Hoodie With Skirt...

AlphaTech Apparel, a premium snow apparel brand, has announced its new range of revolutionary snow gear on Kickstarter. Made for riders, by riders, the Softflex by AlphaTech is delivering unparalleled style, comfort, and mobility to reinvent the skiing and snowboarding experience for riders around the world.

SIN isn't too sure about this - it seems to be a hoodie with a waterproof skirt attached and a line which says "It’s like comfort and style had a baby" leaves us unsure whether to laugh or throw up and to suggest that on that drunken night out comfort and style really should have popped into the chemist to buy protection before that drunken fumble.

However a hoodie with a waterproof skirt might well be the next big thing so read on.....

The Softflex, packed full of snazzy features, is providing unmatched warmth, comfort, and full-range motion on and off the slopes. The all-new Softflex, hoodie-style gear, is water and wind-resistant with a synthetic down insulated interior, heat-trapping powder skirt, half-palm gloves, and waterproof shell from the waist down. Maximizing comfort and style in one, the Softflex embraces a stretchable exterior so riders can enjoy a maximum range of motion and avoid traditionally bulky, restrictive, and heavy snow jackets. The perfect companion for long days on the mountain, the Softflex compliments its lightweight style with four zippered pockets so riders can safely and securely store a phone, wallet, lift pass, or other essential. Models are available in gray, tan, or black.

AlphaTech Apparel was founded by Kevin Aboff of Long Island, NY. Growing up on the mountain, Kevin and his brother knew the struggle of wanting warm weather so they could wear their hoodies and not give up style, comfort, and mobility in exchange for bulky, restrictive snow gear. With AlphaTech Apparel, Kevin is finally able to bring the joy and freedom of warm, loose-fitting, and non-restrictive apparel to skiers and snowboarders worldwide.

"Growing up, it was clear that the average snow gear provided discomfort and restriction. My brother and I would layer up in sweatshirts or "hoodies" so we could maintain the comfort, style and mobility we desired, without being cold and getting wet. I thought to myself, why not combine the benefits of wearing several hoodies into one layer. With this idea, The Softflex was born." said Abhoff

Redefining the rider experience, the Softflex by AlphaTech Apparel goes where few brands have gone before. Despite creating a full-featured experience that combines style, comfort, and mobility, AlphaTech Apparel's new range is affordable for riders of all experience levels. It is branded as the perfect companion for a free, empowered riding experience on the slopes.

"At Alphatech, we’re saying enough is enough. Skiers and snowboarders have sacrificed style, comfort, and mobility for warmth for far too long. This is why we have worked tirelessly to finesse our brand new Softflex range that is packed with snazzy features. Whether you’re trying to board slide your favorite rail, land a new trick, or find some undiscovered powder - you can now do it with unmatched warmth, comfort, and a full range of motion."

"Are you fed up with bulky, restrictive, and heavy snow jackets? Do you crave springtime riding so you can finally break out your hoodie? Or are you sick and tired of getting a wet butt as you ride the chairlift?"

"Thankfully, the Alphatech Softflex range is transforming comfort on the mountain. The all-new Softflex Hoodie is water and wind-resistant, has a synthetic down interior to keep you snug, a powder skirt, palm gloves, and of course - a waterproof shell from the waist down. It’s like comfort and style had a baby."

For a limited time, support the Softflex by AlphaTech Apparel on Kickstarter here. Backers worldwide can support AlphaTech Apparel for just $10 and receive a personal thank-you from the CEO, or can elect to receive the new Softflex for a pledge of only $150. Other special reward tiers and discounts are available. To learn more about the Softflex, or to take advantage of exclusive Kickstarter-only discounts, act fast and visit the Kickstarter campaign page here.

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