Snowsat Promotes Maintenance Management

SNOWsat Maintain is used to plan, manage and improve the maintenance of all assets (e.g. buildings, vehicles, snowmaking equipment). With it you can identify potentials for optimization and to standardize procedures. The result: extended asset life, reduced overall maintenance costs and increased availability, reliability and productivity. SNOWsat Maintain stores asset data and maintenance-related activities and documents on a central maintenance platform. Everyone on the team can access the web-based maintenance solution from almost anywhere to view asset repair and maintenance history and create and edit work orders via smartphones, tablets, laptops.

  • Increased asset availability, reduced downtimes. Schedule and coordinate maintenance operations and servicing to identify problems early and ensure reliable operation of all assets, all the time 
  • Reduced maintenance costs. Discover saving potentials by bringing together all data for evaluations 
  • Optimized and standardized processes. Automate recurring tasks and make maintenance faster, more efficient and easier - not only for new team members 
  • Improved communication within the team. Instead of paper chaos and information loss, communication with SNOWsat is fast, direct and accurate - anytime, anywhere
  • Successfully running a ski resort is more than just turning on the chairlifts. In this video you will learn how SNOWsat Maintain supports you and your team in daily operations!
  • “This all-in-one solution for managing vehicles, equipment, storage and more provides exactly the right foundation for our shop that we've been looking for for a long time!" said Alois Steidl und Philipp Brandstetter, Leoganger Bergbahnen
  • Dashboard SNOWsat Manitain. Thanks to the dashboard, everyone on the team is on the same information level.

On the configurable dashboard, you can see all relevant information about the maintenance of your equipment and facilities clearly and in real time. With just one glance you can see:

  • Operating status of your assets. Overview of the operational readiness of all equipment and systems at all times
  • Daily ToDos. Tasks that you have created or been assigned to yourself, including processing status 
  • Maintenance and safety-relevant work. Early planning of recurring work to avoid unnecessary downtime


  • Whatever you are looking for - thanks to SNOWsat you can find it with just one click.
  • The digital footprint of all equipment and installations is the basis for all maintenance processes. Hierarchical structuring of objects and clear responsibilities ensure high availability and reliability in operation.
  • With SNOWsat Maintain, your digital filing system is always available and you can access your documents in seconds. What previously had to be laboriously assigned, filed and managed is now stored with the respective equipment. This means that not only is everything up to date, but you're also saving yourself a lot of time!
  • Increase availability and reliability of your assets. SNOWsat Maintain provides you with a continuous and standardized overview of the condition of your assets. This allows you to detect defects, safety or failure risks at an early stage and to initiate necessary measures to keep your operations running according to plan.

Central source of information

  • QR codes give your employees quick and easy access to asset records. Operating instructions, maintenance and safety regulations, as well as the plant's history are always available. Put an end to numerous phone calls, Post-It notes and paperwork.
  • Configurable templates and processes allow you to standardize, automate and simplify your maintenance processes. Create tasks and assign them to the responsible person.
  • In task management, you can see the current status of your to-dos, as well as the repair and maintenance status of your equipment.

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