Snowpass Card – The First European Wide Season Ski Pass Launches

The first European season ski pass, the Snowpass Card, has been launched bringing together more than 100 ski resorts from eight European countries (Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland) giving the Snowpass Card access to the biggest group of ski resorts in the world.

Snowpass is a digital partner of FIS and the Card allows its holders to ski in all partner ski resorts, providing access to an enormous variety of slopes for 176 days unlimited from 1stNovember 2019 through 25thApril 2020. 

It is currently not possible to buy the Snowpass Card, and the list of partner ski resorts is still confidential, but more than 40,000 people have already pre-ordered their card at The official price of the Snowpass Card is 895€, but the first 50,000 people who pre-book before the sales start can benefit from the reduced launching price of 395€  per adult.

Among the pre-orders, are skiers/snowboarders from all European nationalities, with Germans having the greatest interest, accounting for almost 20% of the total amount of pre-orders.

The list of the partner ski resorts will be announced at www.snowpass.comon the 8th May and the sales will start on 12th May at 12h 12m 12s.

The agreement with Snowpass as a FIS Digital Partner of digital marketing campaigns at an international level involves close cooperation and a common advice in the area of the development of leisure practice of winter sports and the use of equipment under the consideration of environmental aspects.

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