Smell Like A Ski Area - Zermatt Launches 3883 Fragrance

Glacier worlds, fresh air, flower meadows and forests - the Matterhorn Paradise around Zermatt has plenty of natural landscapes to offer. The Zermatt Bergbahnen have summarised this magical backdrop in a fragrance. The result is refreshing, natural and inspiring.


A scent has a direct effect on our mood and thoughts. An odour is associated with a particular memory, person, experience or place. The Zermatt Bergbahnen fragrance with its blend of fresh glacier mint, juniper and cypress provides an inspiring top note and is intended to remind us of the unique and diverse natural landscape, of snow-covered forests in winter or the flora in summer.

The Zermatt Bergbahnen fragrance is already in use at the new Matterhorn Express valley station and is discreetly diffused as an integral part of the ventilation system. This system will also be used at other stations. 3883 Original Fragrance N°1 will also be available as a home fragrance in the various shops at Zermatt's stations from March 2024. Get inspired now!

Here at SIN we've been wondering what would form the basis of other ski area fragrances; perhaps freshly printed $100 bills for Aspen, mown grass and cow droppings for some of the lower lying resorts. Cairngorm might bottle diesel fumes and pies with a unique spray that delivers it in liquid form an 100mph.

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