SIA Welcomes Four Industry Leaders To Board, Appoints New Chair

Snowsports Industries America (SIA), the leading trade association for the winter sports industry, today announces the appointment of Rachel Grogan-Cook as the new Chair of the SIA Board of Directors, in addition to four new Directors. In its ongoing efforts to balance the priorities of serving as the catalyst for solving industry challenges and creating opportunities for community and collaboration with its member companies, SIA is dedicated to facilitating industry-wide strategic initiatives that help ensure a thriving winter outdoor industry and delivering significant business value to its members.

The new Board members bring a wealth of industry experience and expertise, and a passion that will contribute to the continued growth and success of the snowsports community.

The members joining the SIA Board are:

  • Rachel Grogan-Cook, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Burton Snowboards, assumed the role of Chair for the SIA Board of Directors at the completion of the SIA Annual Membership meeting on Jan. 17. An SIA Board member since 2020, Grogan-Cook is a tenured veteran of the outdoor industry. Known for her expertise in supply chain dynamics, her role at Burton has been instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and supplier relations, significantly contributing to the brand’s success. Rachel’s exceptional leadership and strategic approach to managing complex supply chains have optimized Burton’s processes and global market presence. Her commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with Burton’s core values, making her a driving force behind the brand’s continued growth and influence in the snowboarding industry.
  • Erik Anderson, Vice President of Winter Sports Equipment for Salomon NA, is a renowned leader in the industry, celebrated for his dedication to innovation and excellence. His deep understanding of the winter sports equipment landscape has been crucial in steering Salomon’s strategic direction in North America. Erik’s innovative approach to product development and his enthusiasm for enhancing the winter sports experience have established Salomon as a leading brand in the field. Beyond his role at Salomon, Erik actively contributes to the winter sports community, influencing trends and promoting continuous improvement. His strategic expertise, combined with a profound passion for the outdoors, makes Erik a key figure in driving Salomon’s success and the progression of winter sports in North America.
  • Danica Carey, Director of Marketing Operations at Seirus Innovation, is pivotal in enhancing the brand’s visibility and market presence. Her expertise in merging creative ideas with operational efficiency ensures that marketing efforts are both engaging and aligned with business goals. Known for her dynamic leadership, Danica has effectively blended creativity with strategy, contributing significantly to Seirus Innovation’s growth in the competitive outdoor industry. Her commitment to excellence and deep market insight make her a key influencer in marketing and a driving force behind Seirus Innovation’s success.
  • Jennifer McVey, the North America Director at Nidecker Group, is a seasoned leader in the winter sports industry. Her extensive expertise in sales, strategic planning, and brand development has been instrumental in Nidecker Group’s growth in North America. With a sharp understanding of market trends and consumer preferences, Jennifer has significantly driven the Group’s success and contributed to the advancement of the winter sports industry in the region. Her innovative approach and passion for the outdoors have established her as a key influencer, making a lasting impact on both the Nidecker Group and the winter sports community.
  • Shane Wallace, VP of Global Sales at Dakine, has been crucial in elevating Dakine’s global sales strategy. His dynamic leadership and strategic vision have expanded Dakine’s market reach and fostered international partnerships. Shane’s dedication to brand growth and understanding of consumer trends have established Dakine as an industry leader. In his role, he continues to champion innovation and excellence, keeping Dakine at the forefront of the global outdoor equipment market. His passion for the outdoors and commitment to sales excellence significantly contribute to Dakine’s ongoing success and industry influence.

SIA President Nick Sargent expressed excitement about the new appointments, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Erik, Danica, Jennifer, and Shane to our Board of Directors. Each of them brings a unique set of skills and experiences that will be invaluable as we work together to navigate the challenges and opportunities facing the winter outdoor industry. Along with Rachel’s leadership I am excited about this dedicated group of industry professionals committed to advancing SIA’s mission of fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration within the winter outdoor community, and their diverse perspectives and deep industry knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to the success of SIA and its members.”

SIA welcomes the entire winter outdoor community to join them in pursuit of a more vibrant future for the winter outdoors.

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