Schweitzer Reflects On Tough Season, Pauses Next Phase Of Schweitzer Creek Village,

Schweitzer's Tom Chasse looks back on a tough season and annoucnes a pause of the next phase of the village development. He says:

"This past season proved to be one of the toughest since my arrival in 2006. With extremely limited operations over the Christmas holiday period and biting cold during the January MLK weekend, the challenges seemed insurmountable. The opening of the Outback Bowl was delayed until mid-February, and there were many sleepless nights as doubts loomed over whether we'd make it through to our planned end of the season. 

However, just when it seemed like our season outlook was devastated, "Miracle March" came to our rescue, delivering over 7 feet of snow to help salvage the season. They say to expect a year like this every decade, but it's unlikely I'll be on the payroll for the next one. 

This past winter season mirrored the hardships of 2014/2015, a period that marked a low point in our efforts to fund capital projects. Plans for Sky House during the 2015 summer season were deferred due to financial constraints.  

Similarly, coming out of this tough season, we had intended to proceed with the next phase of Schweitzer Creek Village, but significant work will be postponed for now. While we do not anticipate the road and parking lot to be completed in time for the 24/25 ski season, we are not giving up on the project. Already there has been a significant amount of groundwork completed over the last 2 summers and our need for additional parking remains evident. 

Nevertheless, we remain committed to completing the project within a reasonable timeline, while investing in our current infrastructure. This summer, we're focused on funding maintenance capital projects to support Schweitzer Creek Village, including revegetation efforts for Creekside Express and installing a new playground displaced during the lift upgrade.  

Additionally, we've ordered a new grooming snowcat, invested in vehicle upgrades, carpet replacements, and various behind-the-scenes improvements. To keep pace with development around the mountain community, the Utility Company will make significant investments in sewer and water systems. 

Though these investments may not directly impact ski operations at Schweitzer, we recognize the importance of maintaining our infrastructure to meet current and future demands. In addition, we continue to look for unique opportunities to enhance the Schweitzer ski and ride experience and are excited to make an announcement soon.  

As with any business, we're adapting to current market conditions, changing weather patterns, and evolving consumer needs while maintaining fiscal responsibility. We're immensely grateful for your ongoing support and confidence in our operation. Together, we'll navigate through last winter’s challenges as we eagerly await an abundance of fresh snow come November."

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