Schoeller Textiles On The Podium At The 2021 World Championship With 65 Top Athletes

At FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Cortina d’Ampezza (Italy) in February and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf in Germany in February / March 2021, many athletes turned to Schoeller Textil AG high-tech fabrics for successful results. At the Alpine World Ski Championships, 28 athletes from various countries took the winners’ podium in Schoeller textiles to receive seven gold, eleven silver and ten bronze medals. At the Nordic World Ski Championships, 37 athletes in functional textiles from the Swiss company medalled in a variety of discipline and took 12 gold, 13 silver and 12 bronze medals. 

Long history of collaborations

For many years, top athletes have placed their trust in Schoeller’s expertise and advanced innovations for a competitive edge that can positively influence performance with close adherence to regulations.  Schoeller’s heritage of developing fabrics for high-performance sports, designed to support aerodynamics, safety, freedom of movement and wellbeing, also translates to popular sports, as well as other categories including workwear. As a result, not only world champion athletes but also a wide range of consumers can benefit from a long history of Schoeller textiles being put to the test under extreme conditions.

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