Schladming- Dachstein’s “Mid Europe” International Wind Music Festival Opens

From yesterday, the Styrian holiday region of Schladming-Dachstein has once again been all about brass bands.

  • Anniversary: ​​For 25 years, musicians from all over the world have been meeting in Schladming to make music together
  • The Bavarian Police Orchestra enthused at the big gala at the start of congress Schladming
  • Styria's governor Christopher Drexler was appointed Mid EUROPE cultural ambassador

Until Saturday, more than 2,000 musicians from all over the world will meet to make music together at the internationally renowned music festival “Mid Europe”. As part of the grand opening ceremony on Tuesday, Styria's new governor Christopher Drexler was appointed Mid EUROPE's cultural ambassador. Together with the organization team, he is looking forward to the coming days with many musical highlights such as the "Long Night" or the marching show "Schladming Tattoo".

At the anniversary gala at the start of the festival in the Schladming congress, the Bavarian Police Orchestra performed with the soprano soloist Caroline Adler under the direction of Johann Mösenbichler. The official opening was carried out by Provincial Governor Christopher Drexler: “Mid EUROPE has been making a remarkable contribution to cultural life in Styria for 25 years now. The range of international brass music once again shows that music is the glue that binds society together. I would like to thank the entire team for the perfect organization with which they put the region around the Dachstein on an international display. I am particularly pleased about the honor that I have been given by being appointed cultural ambassador.”

“Great signal in times like these”

The festival has grown steadily over the past 25 years, and even large international orchestras now spare no expense or effort to be there and present themselves. "Mid Europe offers a broad musical spectrum, there really is something for everyone," says Kurt Pfleger, head of the organizing committee. “An absolute highlight for me is the World Youth Wind Orchestra with two concerts on Wednesday and Saturday. Young people from all over the world meet in Schladming, make music, communicate and make friends - regardless of nationality, religion and language. A great signal in times like these.”

“Musical diversity is as great as the differences between people”

Johann Mösenbichler, artistic director of Mid EUROPE, agrees: "Culture is a necessity of our time - especially music. The musical diversity is as great as the differences between people - and yet people who do not understand each other linguistically and who are very different To have roots, to make music together wonderfully and to achieve something very big with it." The festival succeeds in inspiring 35 ensembles and orchestras from around 15 nations to travel to Schladming every year, and from here to carry the sounds out into the wide world.

Mathias Schattleitner, Managing Director of the Schladming-Dachstein tourism region: “Mid EUROPE is a very valuable event for our region, it shows Schladming-Dachstein from a different, cultural side and once again confirms that culture, sport and tourism simply harmonize and fit together perfectly .” Of course, the interaction of all participating organizations and institutions is essential for the smooth running of events before and during Mid Europe. "There are so many helping hands from all areas that I would like to thank very much," emphasizes OC boss Pfleger. 

All information about the “Mid Europe” program is available online at mideurope .

The highlights of “Mid Europe” in the coming days:

Wednesday, July 13: Children's concert BERGKinder from 9:30 a.m. in the Schladming congress, open-air and church concerts from 5:00 p.m. in the house in Ennstal

Thursday, July 14: Concerts in the congress Schladming from 2:00 p.m. LONG NIGHT from 5:00 p.m. in the center of Schladming

Friday, July 15: TATTOO marching show from 7:00 p.m. in the Planai Stadium

Saturday, 16.7.: Youth Day & special concerts Hall concert WAWOP (World Adult Wind Orchestra Project) and Hall concert WYWOP (World Youth Wind Orchestra Project) from 5:30 p.m. in the Schladming congress hall

In addition Styria's governor Christopher Drexler (middle), the newly appointed cultural ambassador of Mid EUROPE, with Kurt Pfleger (head of the organizing committee, left) and Mathias Schattleitner (managing director of the Schladming-Dachstein tourism region). Happy about the opening of the international wind music festival Mid EUROPE (from left): Johann Mösenbichler (Artistic Director), Governor Christopher Drexler and Kurt Pfleger (Head of the Organizing Committee). At the anniversary gala at the start of the festival in the Schladming congress, the Bavarian Police Orchestra performed under conductor Johann Mösenbichler. 


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