Revolution On The Ski Slopes: The First “Digital Ski Coach” Worldwide Is Being Tested In Schladming - Dachstein

This innovation could revolutionise the future of ski coaching. In a worldwide exclusive arrangement, visitors to the Austrian Schladming-Dachstein holiday region are currently being given the opportunity to test a digital ski coach named “Carv”. Through ultra-thin boot inserts, data on speed, foot pressure distribution, G-force, rotation and ski orientation, etc. are measured continuously and sent to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The skier can receive feedback based on the data being analysed in real time through earphones right there on the slope. Once the run has been completed, at the lift or back in the ski chalet, the digital ski coach will suggest ways to improve and pose challenges to help the skier achieve new goals and thus enhance their performance. The project is managed by the open innovation lab Next-Incubator. For further details see:

- Next-Incubator brings Carv technology to Schladming-Dachstein

- Innovative “Carv” system analyses technical data via boot inserts and app

- Speed, pressure distribution, rotation, ski orientation and much besides

- Real-time audio feedback on the slope, personalised skiing tips and detailed analyses of skiing style

The region of Schladming-Dachstein has been renowned as a digital pioneer for some time and has become established as an international benchmark for tourism-related IT innovations. “We were the first destination in Europe to provide WLAN coverage throughout the region years ago and the entire skiing area can be explored virtually in a 360-degree scenic flight – even in virtual reality with a VR headset,” says Mathias Schattleitner, MD of the local resort management company. “The digital ‘Smart Ski Goggles’ with a slope navigation system, which has attracted worldwide attention, premiered here as well. With ‘Carv’ we now have an extremely innovative project starting up and we hope to help it succeed through our network infrastructure – in collaboration with our partner Next-Incubator.”

Hannes Zeichen, Managing Director of Next, which brought the “Carv” to Austria: “We collaborate with young innovative start-ups, not only making available the necessary resources, but also establishing connections to other companies or, as in this case, to regions that have a keen interest in innovation. In the Schladming-Dachstein region we have found the ideal partner for the British start-up Motion Metrics with its Carv system.”

“Carv” makes it very easy for skiers to work on their technique. The digital ski coach consists of an ultra-thin boot insert and a tracker that is attached to the back of the boot and linked to the smartphone via Bluetooth. That allows the first digital ski coach worldwide to analyse a great variety of data and values while the skier is coming down the mountain. The idea is for the technology to identify the skier’s strengths and weaknesses directly and immediately so that it can provide feedback to the skier via earphones right there on the slope. In addition, Carv will prepare comprehensive analyses and help the skier to set specific goals to strive for.

Inspired by Olympic technology, Carv gives you access to the feedback and knowledge that only elite skiers have had access to so far. With an extremely thin smart insert, Carv measures your motion and pressure distribution and relays feedback through your earphones in real-time. Carv connects wirelessly to your smartphone to give simple, actionable feedback to casual skiers and detailed metrics and analysis for advanced and professional skiers. Carv lets you train, compete and challenge people with its detailed metrics and helps you improve your skiing with technique analysis.

The project is receiving support from a number of partners in Schladming-Dachstein. The Planai-Hochwurzen lifts, for example, are helping to facilitate testing on the mountain, and the Hopl and Tritscher ski schools are collaborating on the project to ensure that the collected data can be used to provide the best coaching to improve people’s skiing style. In addition, the Intersport Planai shop located directly at the Planai base station acts as a collection point for skiers interested in trying out the Carv technology.

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