Reichmann Patent Registration For Laser Structure Machine And Automatic Loading Magazine

The German patent and trademark office published two new patent registrations of the Bavarian mechanical engineering company Reichmann & Sohn on July 30, 2020. The patent registrations relate to the unique laser structure machine for structuring the base of skis and a new transport and loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE ski service machine.
The two new patent registrations are the result of intensive research and development work combined with many years of experience and passion for the product area. “In the last few years, we have been registering three patents for innovative new developments in the ski service area. This confirms our consistent focus on innovation and quality”, says Stefan Reichmann, Managing Director of Reichmann & Sohn GmbH.
First laser structuring machine for skis - the new generation of ski structuring
The traditional stone grinding process sets limits to ski structuring in terms of design diversity, precision and reproducibility. The patented LS-1 RACE laser structuring machine opens up completely new possibilities for structuring skis with advantages for users and winter sports enthusiasts.
Compared to conventional grinding stones, the laser technology can precisely apply all imaginable patterns and even lettering, logos or 3D effects to the ski surface. Rental skis can be branded with the logo of the rental company and winter sports enthusiasts can choose from an unlimited variety of structures for ski service. In this way, the structure can be individually adapted to the snow conditions, skiing ability or visual preferences.
The high-precision and exactly reproducible laser structures are not only visually impressive, they also offer new opportunities for professional racing. The combination of guaranteed fiber-free base surfaces and the most precise, reproducible 3D profiles ensures perfect conditions for gliding and accelerating on the slopes. The new LS-1 RACE is also trend-setting with regard to the environment, as the ski is processed dry.
Innovative transport and loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE
The new transport and loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE service machine was presented to the specialist public for the first time at ISPO 2019. The special feature is that the loading magazine is designed as a mobile transport trolley that can be moved and loaded flexibly in the workshop and then docked to the machine for processing. After docking, all further work steps take place autonomously. The machine automatically picks up the skis in pairs from the loading trolley and puts them back in pairs in the transport trolley after processing. This reduces the work of the service staff to an absolute minimum and saves valuable time.
“With our new developments, we want to support sports retailers and rental companies in making their work in the service workshop even better, easier and faster. New, future-oriented technologies such as our laser structure machine set new standards in professional racing, but also in rental or sports shops in order to stand out from the competition, ”says Stefan Reichmann.

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