PistenBully Leads On Parks, Children & Clean Mountains

For over 20 years, PistenBully has been doing everything possible to optimise machines for park building. Their products are continually improved, updated and customised perfectly to the requirements of park building.

Special park vehicles have everything you need: coverage, agility, precision, working radius, plus many extra features. [ more ]

At the heart of things rather than on the sidelines: to meet the ever growing needs of adventure courses, funslopes and family parks, PistenBully is always talking to drivers, shapers, park designers and riders.

PistenBully sponsors countless events in the freestyle and park world:


The mix is what counts: the Audi Nines brings together the most diverse sport disciplines with passion, dedication and just the right amount of craziness. The event is a thrill for athletes and spectators alike year...


Faster, higher, further – the X-Games are an international extreme sport event of a very special kind! This is where the bravest athletes in the world quite simply defy gravity.


The Slopestyle World Cup 2016 in Korea was built by PistenBully and Schneestern. With support from SNOWsat, the park shapers were able to move every snow crystal to its proper place.


“A paradise for free stylers” – that’s the slogan on the website of the Ischgl snow park. Rightly so! The obstacles are maintained daily to guarantee the best conditions for the athletes.


Every year the Prime Park Sessions in Stubai Zoo attract professional skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. The precision-built obstacles are the perfect training ground.


There’s something for everyone at Turracher Höhe (AT): Kidsslope, Funslope, Snowpark! The PistenBully Fun Mountain Diaries showcase the best moments on the slopes.


PistenBully was an official partner to the Freeski World Cup 2018 in Stubai


The ARAG Big Air Freestyle Festival combines spectacular sport from the world’s best snowboarders and free skiers with top bands, DJs and the unique lifestyle that goes with the event.


Park building is now simpler and more efficient thanks to SNOWsat.

Future of parks: where would the many elaborately designed parks be without the people who breathe life into them every day? Without the people who astound the spectators with their daring jumps? Without the people who transform a shaped heap of snow into a world stage?

PistenBully has already been sponsoring young athletes in freeski and skicross for many years. Daniel Bohnacker and Vincent Veile are two talented athletes on Team PistenBully, for whom no obstacle is too great. PistenBully supports them at national and international sporting events and also awakes the interest of the next generation through the jointly organised ski camps. That’s how they make sure the park sector will continue to attract enthusiastic skiers and snow boarders in the future.

In 2018 PistenBully acted as a team sponsor for the first time too – the logo will hopefully act as a lucky charm for the entire coaching team of the German national ski cross squad.

PistenBully has been working with Schneestern from Kempten for many years. As Europe’s largest producer of snow park equipment and a specialist in snow and fun parks, Schneestern is a true pioneer in the industry. Thanks to years of collaboration, PistenBully and Schneestern are a perfectly coordinated team: the shapers know the machines, their many functions and how to use SNOWsat perfectly. All of which enables true masterpieces to be created quickly. Just like PistenBully, the Schneestern crew work all over the world. The common goal: to create unforgettable moments in the snow!

PistenBully & Snow Park Technologies

SPT is the name in North America when it comes to spectacular and breath-taking freestyle parks. Worldwide leaders in their field, it’s incredible what the team from SPT can make with snow. The history of SPT® begins almost 20 years ago – 1997, when two friends decided to design and build the course for the first Winter X-Games. Since then, Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and his team have designed and realised over 250 snow parks and competition courses – and have done so for the most challenging customers in the world. The illustrious customers of SPT Parks include Burton, DC, Nike and even Red Bull, to name but a few. In addition, SPT also works directly with the athletes and organises training and media events. As a technology leader, PistenBully will enable SPT to build bigger and better parks with the best equipment. In the PistenBully ParkPro, the park designers have a vehicle that was developed in collaboration with the team from Schneestern and is perfectly tailored to the challenges that come with building a snow park. The innovative strength of PistenBully and the creativity of SPT ensure even more spectacle, even more imposing parks and even more flamboyant freestyle


For innovative and forward-looking ski resorts, being environmentally oriented is a large selling point for the benefit of guests. The dilemma is well known: on one hand, winter tourism is the source of people's livelihood in many regions. On the other hand, there is room for improvement in the image portrayed by the media. Kässbohrer is also taking up the quest for the greatest possible environmental protection, and sets standards for emissions. The new PistenBully Generation uses the cleanest engines available on the market with as few exhaust emissions as possible.

Kässbohrer holds an orientation toward the environment in top regard—after all, the cause has also been taken up in its BlueIQ corporate strategy. In doing so, the emphasis lies on slope management that is especially resource-conserving and efficient. In addition to the SNOWsat and PRO ACADEMY, this also contributes to the lowest emissions values. The developers at Kässbohrer have already planned for the new PistenBully 100, which was providently introduced in 2017 featuring a future-proof engine. At that point, the diesel particulate filter was only available as an option. Since the beginning of this year, it is being offered as standard, thereby fulfilling EU Stage V.

With the especially quiet and clean 12-cylinder engine, the PistenBully 600 is already setting new standards in sustainability with its market launch as the first slope vehicle with an EU Stage V engine. As a result, it features both high performance and environmental conservation at the same time.

At PistenBully, they are well-aware of their role as a pioneer. Exceptional vehicles using the cleanest engines provide support to ski resorts in their sustainable approach and actions, and with that, also meeting the demands of holiday makers in accord with environmentally sound tourism.

PistenBully North America and Utah dealer, Peterson Equipment, have also teamed up to sponsor Ski Utah's Learn to Ski & Ride Program.

The Utah Ski and Snowboard Association is a non-profit trade organization founded in 1975 with the aim of promoting the state of Utah's ski and snowboard industry.  With this goal in mind, Ski Utah has put a tremendous effort into getting children on snow, skiing and snowboarding.  In 1989/90, Ski Utah introduced its community outreach, Learn to Ski & Ride program.  The program is designed to introduce children to the sports of skiing and snowboarding.  PistenBully and Peterson Equipment have proudly teamed up to cover the costs of the Learn to Ski & Ride Program for the 2018-19 season.

Ski Utah's Learn to Ski & Ride Program targets fourth graders throughout the state of Utah.  It is designed to teach the fundamentals of the sport in a physical education setting before it brings participants to the ski slopes.  The program was designed by Jo Garuccio, B.S. Physical Education and M.S. Health Fitness.  It focuses on physically and aerobically preparing each child for the end goal, a two hour on snow lesson at a Utah resort.

Each year upwards of 7,000 Utah fourth graders and some fifth graders participate in the program.  The cost is $28 per child, with scholarship availability for any family unable to pay.  The price includes equipment rental, transportation and a two-hour ski or snowboard lesson.  Any elementary school in the state of Utah is eligible for the program.  There is no cost to the school and Ski Utah assists in training instructors to facilitate the program.

Friday, January 11, 2019 marked National Learn to Ski and Ride Day.  PistenBully and Peterson Equipment collaborated with Ski Utah and Brighton Resort to put on a ski lesson for a group of Learn to Ski & Ride program participants.  Close to 100 students were  transported to Brighton Resort, outfitted in ski gear and taught how to ski.  All involved were very excited to participated in an event that excited some new, young snow sports enthusiasts!

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