Peter Park: Unlimited Parking Space Management For Loft Co’s

Mountain lift co's are very important in mountain regions. Both in winter and in summer, they bring numerous vacationers to go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing or to the idyllic mountain restaurants. The railways are essential for tourism in mountain regions. But they face major challenges, especially with regard to parking space management. High maintenance costs and complex maintenance of barrier systems that are prone to failure, as well as illegal parkers and their lack of control and the associated loss of sales, are factors that seriously threaten the profitability of an area in a strongly seasonal business in which high visitor numbers are based on defined seasons, days of the week and focus on times. The challenge for mountain railways remains: how do you transform parking space from a cost factor into an efficiency and profitability driver? And how can a parking area be managed in such a way that the focus is not only on profitability, but also on visitor satisfaction?

A digital parking space management system is the solution that some mountain railway operators, such as the Hörnerbahn Bolsterlang, are already using.

"The barrier-free parking system was very well received by our guests in the parking lot of our summer cable car. The digital parking space management from Peter Park offers a customer-friendly and convenient parking experience for visitors to our cable car. We not only offer our guests a smooth parking process, it has also the holistic system more than paid off from a purely economic perspective. That's why we didn't doubt for a moment about equipping the parking area of ​​our winter cable car with the digital system from Peter Park before the start of the winter season," reports Martin Fahr, Managing Director of Hörnerbahn GmbH & Co. KG.

Thanks to process automation and digital system control, mountain railway operators can use their areas economically and profitably, thereby increasing their income. A barrier-free parking management system not only dispenses with high-maintenance and wear-prone systems, but also offers a seamless parking process, avoids backlogs and queues and contributes to a positive visitor experience and satisfied customers.

"As a much-visited local recreation area, we feel obliged to our guests to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible - this also includes a convenient and seamless parking experience. Especially at peak times, we enable an effective and smooth traffic flow and parking process with the digital parking system Traffic jams and long queues at the machines,” says Sabine Hagenauer, Managing Director of Bergwelt GmbH & Co. KG in Immenstdt (Allgäu).

Another problem with parking space management is the lack of commercialization. Although free parking spaces are easy to operate, they do not generate any income for the maintenance and care of the parking areas. With a digital parking space management system, operators can manage parking spaces with flexible price models for a fee and open up an additional source of income that covers the maintenance and modernization of the entire facility.

"Our digital parking management system is not only a modern and innovative solution for mountain railway operators, but also a strategic tool to increase profitability. It optimizes the parking process for visitors and reduces the risk of congestion and traffic jams. By simplifying parking space management, mountain railway operators can achieve higher customer satisfaction while concentrating on their core business. In short, our digital parking system is a win-win situation for everyone involved," explains Maximilian Schlereth, CEO of Peter Park System GmbH.

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