No More Cold Backsides - Dragon Seats Enhances Ski Resorts With Heated Bench Technology

Dragon Seats the manufacturer and provider of patented heated and cooling sports and recreational benches, is installing their heated benches at the Windham Mountain and Wachusett Mountain resorts in New York and Massachusetts. The heated benches will provide a comfortable and warm experience that will encourage patrons to remain outside, an alternative ski resorts are looking to offer in this new environment.


For the 2020-21 ski season, Windham Mountain will offer patrons three Dragon Seats heated benches at its main lodge, while Wachusett Mountain guests will have access to two heated benches located at its base-level lodge. The heated seats will be used for outdoor drink and dining, ski and boot rental operations, as well as for ski schools. These are the same heated benches used by 19 NFL member clubs and over 50 NCAA teams to keep their athletes safe, comfortable and game-ready in cold environments.

Dragon Seats’ heated bench solutions for mountain resorts are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions which can be brutal in the Northeast. The high-quality, customized and portable benches are temperature controlled and can reach 90℉. The benches provide a fully heated, ergonomic resting surface in addition to a warming system that blows a continuous stream of hot air onto the front of the skier. The “Hot Hats” accessory offers a heating system that can keep helmets, hats and gloves dry as well.

“Our heated benches are a perfect solution for the challenge many resorts are facing this season. The heated outdoor capacity we’re creating will allow for skiers to safely social distance outside while staying warm and allow resorts to increase F&B revenue outside,” said Franklin Floyd, Chief Operating Officer at Dragon Seats. “Responses from guests and resort operators have been incredibly positive, ‘It’s like sitting in a hot tub without getting wet’ is something we hear a lot. We look forward to continuing to help these resorts deliver the best and safest experience in an unprecedented time,” Floyd finished.

With many ski resorts having to operate at 25-50% indoor capacity, heated outdoor benches could be the perfect solution for keeping guests outside and happy during the cold skiing months. As a member of the National Ski Area Association, Dragon Seats is working closely with association members and resort operators to offer smart and sanitary solutions for this upcoming season. Dragon Seats also plans to integrate Purell dispensers onto its heated benches.

“Dragon Seats’ heated benches are a great fit for us this year given the COVID-19 environment,” said Dave Kulis, director of sales at marketing at Windham Resorts. “We’re trying to keep people outside and comfortable all season around food and beverage, ski and boot rentals, and ski schools. The heated Dragon Seats benches are going to allow us to do just that,” Kulis finished.

“As we adjust to providing more outdoor service during COVID-19, we’re very pleased to provide Dragon Seats heated benches as an option for guests,” said Tom Meyers, Wachusett Mountain marketing director. “With indoor space restricted, heated Dragon Seats benches provide a comfortable solution for those skiers and snowboarders remaining outdoors.”

Dragon Seats has worked with many ski resorts including Jackson Hole, Stratton Mountain Resort, Catamount Ski Resort, Okemo Mountain Resort, Butternut Ski Resort and Boston Mills/Brandywine Resorts.

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