New Balance Introduces Three New Insoles Shaped By Superfeet

New Balance expands insole offerings with the addition of three new insoles shaped by Superfeet, Casual Therapeutic Cushion Insoles, Casual Metatarsal Support Insoles and Sport Active Cushion Insoles. Since 2020, Superfeet has worked with New Balance, under a licensing agreement, to expand the brand’s insole assortment to accommodate a wide range of user needs and provide unparalleled foot comfort, pain relief and sports performance. 

“When we develop New Balance insoles, we start by identifying the unique needs of the users. Using these insights, in combination with our 45 years of experience as leaders in providing underfoot support, our product team develops insoles to provide performance and fit tailored to complement New Balance footwear and provide the utmost comfort for a variety of feet,” says Matt Gooch, Director of Product and Innovation at Superfeet. “New Balance is known globally as a leader in producing some of the most comfortable and innovative performance footwear on the market and Superfeet is proud to support that reputation with the expansion of the New Balance insole line.”

“Superfeet has a meticulous track record of designing innovative and market trusted insoles and we are excited to offer three all-new New Balance insoles shaped by Superfeet,” says John Cullen, General Manager of Licensing at New Balance. “The expansion of New Balance’s insole category speaks to our mission of delivering purpose-built, high-quality products for our consumers. People rely on New Balance for comfort and performance. The expansion of our insole offering is sure to meet both of those needs.”

The Casual Therapeutic Cushion Insoles (MSRP $49.99) are designed to help provide relief for those with sensitive feet, using extra soft foam that contours to the foot. Heel-to-toe cushioning cradles the foot for pressure relief, including additional cushion in the heel and a flexible construction supports the foot while moving. The insoles are made with hypo-allergenic materials to accommodate sensitive skin.

With fully integrated metatarsal support, the Casual Metatarsal Support Insoles (MSRP $59.99) helps redistribute pressure across the foot to help alleviate pain under the ball of the foot. A strategically placed deep heel cup provides arch support and additional support where the foot needs it most to combat stress and strain. The insole’s moisture-wicking materials are engineered to help control odor and reduce friction.

For users who prefer a springy, cushioned feel in their athletic footwear, the Sport Active Cushion Insoles (MSRP $59.99) employ two layers of cushioning foam to help fight foot fatigue when exercising. The flexible arch support accommodates the natural motion of the foot, moisture-wicking materials help control odor and friction and an engineered heel cushion softens impact forces from the ground.

In addition to the three new insoles and the variety of in-line products, New Balance will also offer custom created insoles. Utilizing Volumental 3D scanning and Superfeet gait analysis technology, New Balance custom insoles will feature 3D-printed caps manufactured and assembled at the Superfeet facility in Washington.

The new line of insoles are available immediately at New Balance stores, online at and Amazon.

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