Mountain Hardwear Bolsters European Presence With New Distribution Partners

Mountain Hardwear, a leader in performance equipment and apparel for climbers, mountaineers, and athletes, is proud to announce the expansion of their international distribution to include four new distribution partners in Europe including MnO InternationaSome descriptionl, 2Pure, E.Tremmel Marketing and Amwear.

“The value of having a trusted, experienced distribution partner is one that cannot be overstated,” said Mountain Hardwear Director of International Distributor Sales, Annabel Heinemann. We are thrilled to have “MnO International, 2Pure, E.Tremmel Marketing and Amwear managing the Mountain Hardwear brand on our behalf in the European region.”

MNO is based in Stockholm, Sweden and will oversee distribution for the Nordic and Baltic regions. 2Pure based in Scotland, will manage distribution for the UK and Ireland. E. Tremmel Marketing, based in Germany, will look after distribution in Germany and Austria, while Amwear, who is based in France, will be responsible for distribution in France and Spain.

The four distribution partners will have exclusive distribution for their specific regions for five years and will be most immediately supporting Fall 21 sell-in, while helping customers with re-orders for the remainder of the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 seasons.

Mountain Hardwear is available in 28 countries and partners with 21 international distributors. 

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