Moon Habitat Test For Zermatt

From the 17th of June until the 3rd of July, all the IGLUNA project teams will gather in Zermatt to demonstrate the results of their one-year commitment to the design of a potential and sustainable Moon habitat. The twenty student projects will be split up into two locations: in the Glacier Palace of the Matterhorn glacier paradise and at the Vernissage Art Gallery of the Backstage Hotel.

During this past academic year, more than 150 students from 9 European countries and from various faculties have gathered their knowledge to design a habitat potentially suitable for extreme environment, such as on the Moon. They needed to study and cover the essential aspects to sustain life in a long-term vision: structure and construction of the habitat, life support systems (such as oxygen and food production), power management, communication and navigation, human well-being and scientific exploration. Each team could thus contribute to this Moon habitat, whatever their expertise.

One part of the projects will be tested at the Glacier Palace, such as the construction robot and the food and oxygen production modules conceived by Swiss students. The other projects, as the virtual reality and the lunar habitation design, will demonstrate their concept at the Vernissage Art Gallery of the Backstage Hotel.

During the first week (17th – 24th June), the students will set up their projects. All the IGLUNA modules will be fully assembled by Monday 24th of June. After a week trial and demonstrations, the teams will dismantle their design during the last three days (1st – 3rd July). However, visitors are allowed to visit the teams at any time in order to discover the several steps for the complete installation of a habitat in an extreme environment.

The Field Campaign will also gather several other scientific and space related projects. We are glad to host other experiments as the Radiation Monitoring by the CERN, the Audi Lunar Quattro rover by PT-Scientists and the MIT HYDRA Drill experiment. Interactive activities are also organised to make this knowledge accessible to all publics.


Glacier Exhibition Matterhorn glacier paradise

  • Exhibition days: 24 - 30 June (9.30 - 16.00)
  • Inauguration: 24 June (14.00 - 16.00)
  • Set up: 17 - 24 June
  • Dismantling: 1 - 3 July

Village Exhibition Vernissage Art Gallery

  • Exhibition days: 19 - 30 June (17.00 - 23.00)
  • Inauguration: 19 June, 20.00 - 22.00
  • Set up: 17 - 19 June
  • Dismantling: 1 - 3 July


  • 18 – 30 June: Radiation Monitoring – CERN (9.30 - 16.00), Glacier Palace
  • 21 June: Astronomy Evening (22.30 - 00.00), Wiese Zen Stecken
  • 23 - 28 June: HYDRA Drill – MIT (10.00 - 16.00), Glacier surface of the Matterhorn glacier paradise
  • 29 June: Audi Lunar Quattro Rover - PT-Scientists (12.00 - 16.00), Glacier Palace


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