Lucerne: Commission Approves Financial Support For Ski Lift Co’s

The cantonal commission for economy and taxes (WAK) approves a supplementary loan from the government council in favor of Bergbahnen Sörenberg AG and Rigi-Bahnen AG. Tourist traffic has suffered major losses in income due to the corona pandemic and has not been able to benefit sufficiently from the hardship allowances. The Commission therefore supports support with a large majority, but is requesting a lower supplementary credit amount. In addition, the WAK demands that no overcompensation be made and that companies that are supported with corona-related financial measures be treated equally.

Chaired by Heidi Scherer (WAK member, FDP, Meggen), the Cantonal Commission on Economy and Taxes (WAK) of the Lucerne Cantonal Council issued the message (B 112) “Support for tourist transport (mountain railways) offers during the Covid 19 pandemic » advise. Based on the provisional applications from the mountain railways, the cantonal government is applying to the cantonal council for a supplementary loan of CHF 2.01 million to finance support for tourist offers on public transport in accordance with the Swiss Federal Passenger Transport Act. Both the federal government and, with regard to the Rigi Railways, the canton of Schwyz are involved in this financial measure.

WAK for lower supplementary credit amount

The mountain railways are important service providers for our region. They were also severely affected by the effects of the pandemic, but were only able to cover the corona-related shortfalls to a limited extent or not at all. The WAK supports the government council's assessment that there is a need for action on the Sörenberg mountain railways and the Rigi railways. Based on more in-depth investigations, which the responsible department was able to make in consultation with the Federal Office of Transport and Canton Schwyz, the Commission is applying for a reduction in the maximum supplementary credit from CHF 2.01 million to CHF 1 million.

Commission attaches yes to a supplementary credit to a condition

The Commission demands that no overcompensation be made. This should be ensured as part of the definitive application review. Equal treatment of companies that are supported with corona-related financial measures should also be sought in coordination with the Federal Office of Transport - also across the canto

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