Lenzerheide Marketing & Support AG: New composition For The Board

Three new members will stand for election at the renewal elections for the Board of Directors of Lenzerheide Marketing und Support AG in September 2021. The two main shareholders have nominated Daniel Stiefel for the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Brigitte Küng and Felix Frei are also standing for election as representatives of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG. 
Lenzerheide Marketing und Support AG (LMS AG) is the destination marketing and management organization for the Lenzerheide holiday region. With a view to the renewal of the LMS AG Board of Directors, three new members will be up for election at the General Meeting in September 2021. Including the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. The incumbent Chairman of the Board of Directors Ernst 'Aschi' Wyrsch decided in spring 2021 not to stand for re-election. 
Ernst "Aschi" Wyrsch was a member of the board of directors of LMS AG from 2011 to 2015 and has been chairman of this body since September 2015. During this time, the Lenzerheide holiday region has developed into one of the most successful holiday destinations in Switzerland and has positioned itself very successfully in the areas of alpine snow sports, mountain biking and with many major sports and cultural events. "The strategic support and management of LMS AG has always been a great honor and pleasure for me. With great gratitude, I will hand over the strategic leadership scepter to my successor in September 2021,” emphasized Wyrsch. 
Daniel Stiefel nominated as Chairman of the Board of Directors
The two main shareholders, Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG (LBB AG) and Lenzerheide Tourismus (LT), have nominated Daniel Stiefel as future Chairman of the Board of Directors in a joint selection process. The 56-year-old managing director and management consultant lives with his family in Richterswil, but has been closely associated with Lenzerheide since childhood. As a second resident, he is very familiar with the tourist offer in the holiday region. "Daniel Stiefel brings a competent view from the outside with him, unencumbered by the usual internal tourism perspectives and with the view of the guest," said Felix Frei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LBB AG. 
As an experienced manager and consultant in the areas of customer relationship management, marketing, digitization and controlling in the national and international environment, Daniel Stiefel is looking forward to his new challenge in his second home: “I am a fan of the region and I think we have a very attractive offer both in winter and in summer. I am therefore happy to put my professional experience and my point of view as a guest at the service of LMS AG and to help, together with the team, to continue to position the holiday region successfully and to further develop it in accordance with the needs of our guests and the population ".
Brigitte Küng and Felix Frei as new representatives of LBB AG
In addition to the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, the two seats of LBB AG will also be filled in the renewal elections in September 2021. In place of the previous Yvonne Brigger-Vogel, Brigitte Küng has been proposed as a member of the Board. As the former head of the SME center at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden (FHGR), Brigitte Küng has an excellent network in the tourism canton of Graubünden. In her current position as senior project manager at Hanser Consulting AG, she also brings experience in the implementation of tourism and business projects inside and outside the canton. "I am looking forward to developing and implementing innovative strategies for the Lenzerheide holiday region together on the Board of Directors," emphasized Küng.
The second seat of LBB AG on the Board of Directors of LMS AG will be occupied by Felix Frei instead of Ariane Ehrat. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of LBB AG wants to represent the strategic responsibility of LBB AG as the main shareholder in a prominent manner. «It is very important to me to further develop and consolidate the important collaboration between the two companies for the entire destination. In my opinion, we've let that slide a bit in the last few years, ”emphasizes Felix Frei. As one of his first official acts as Chairman of the Board of Directors of LBB AG, he and Lenzerheide Tourismus have already developed a previously non-existent owner strategy for LMS AG.
Giancarlo Pallioppi and Nico Pesko ensure continuity
The two previous members, Giancarlo Pallioppi and Nico Pesko, are available as representatives of Lenzerheide Tourism for a further term of office, thus ensuring continuity in the top committee of LMS AG. Because depending on the outcome of the upcoming municipal elections, the three representatives of the political communities Vaz / Obervaz, Churwalden and Lantsch / Lenz will also be nominated.

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