Klättermusen Releases First Two Episodes Of Documentary And Scientific Experiment ‘Made To Last’

Klättermusen is pleased to present a highly unique, two-part expedition film titled ‘Made to Last’. For 45 years Klättermusen has been committed to creating the safest and most durable mountaineering equipment, becoming an important companion to many adventurers and an essential element in the creation of their unforgettable memories, memories ‘Made to Last’.

In 2020, Klättermusen teamed up with neuroscientist Helena Backlund Wasling to discern the key factors in creating long-lasting memories. They identified three important stimuli: a life-changing experience, a moment that ignites a fire for a new passion, or an event that inspires a change in perspective. These are the moments that change us deeply and stay in our memory forever.

To put this theory to the test, Klättermusen planned a demanding expedition, designed to challenge and inspire its participants, and subsequently create memories ‘Made To Last’. To partake, they assembled a group of five brave individuals with one shared trait - a complete lack of trekking and hiking experience. 

The participants, choreographer Sasha Jean-Baptiste, music artist Johan Karlsson, professional boxer Constantino Nanga, surfer Sandra Johansson and actor Mahmut Suvakci, undertook a 7-day expedition in Áhkká, northern Sweden.

Exposed to the will of nature, the group had to overcome demanding environmental challenges with a mix of excitement and fear of the unknown. Every day presented a new test for their minds and bodies, bringing a sense of completion and achievement after each phase of the journey.

Neuroscientist, lecturer and author, Helena Backlund Wasling says ‘For this unique experiment Klättermusen asked me to identify key factors in the formation of lasting memories, so they could put them to the test on an expedition. I caught up with participants six months after, and found that for all of them, being present in the outdoors and taking on new challenges had formed long-lasting memories.’

Klättermusen Head of Marketing, Ida Holmen says ‘This has been an exhilarating journey to be a part of, putting our intrepid participants, and our gear, to the test in a remarkable way. I’m happy that our social experiment did succeed, and the experiences of the group during the trip have stayed with them, creating a genuine connection with their adventure selves and a new passion for the outdoors.’

‘We hope that many more adventurous explorers will enjoy similar experiences whilst wearing Klättermusen and we can be part of their ‘Made to Last’ journeys too.’

Watch the first and second episodes out now on Youtube. 

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