Kask And Zegna: Two Elite Brands Partner Up On The Snow

Two of Italy’s most iconic brands have joined forces to produce a personalised version of the Piuma-R helmet for a Zegna capsule collected devoted entirely to skiing.

Diego Zambon, GM Kask said  «Luxury brands often seek out companies capable of transfering serious technical expertise and that are renowned for their reliability and guaranteed quality».

Adding an aesthetic impact to a product designed specifically to protect the wearer was KASK’s greatest challenge and doing so without infringing on the helmet’s basic job of keeping the wearer safe and sound is the other factor that drives the company development work day in, day out.

This twin-pronged philosophy has now also produced a partnership between the Bergamo company and Zegna, one of Italy’s most prestigious luxury brands. The result is a ski capsule collection with a personalised version of the KASK’s Piuma-R as the star of the show

The coming together of the two brands has produced a sleek, elegant design in matt black complete with Zegna Signifier Vicuna edging, an exclusive product that fits seamlessly into Zegna entire winter collection for next year. To make it even more unique, it is a limited numbered edition.


The partnership between these two great icons is based on Italian styling and quality at its finest. Central to KASK is having an entirely Italian supply chain, resulting in complete control over every phase of production, which in turn guarantees every helmet it takes to the market is of superb quality. Equally important to it is playing an active role in personalising several models and developing capsule collections with other partners brands, as demonstrated by its experience with Zegna.

«Luxury sector brands often seek out companies capable of sharing serious technical expertise that are also renowned for their reliability and guaranteed quality– commented Diego Zambon, general manager at KASK – The power of a fashion brand lies in its brand awareness which needs to be protected and enhanced through partnerships that will add value».

The result is a new offering that retains the signature comfort and functionality R that have made the Piuma-R such a successful helmet.


The Piuma-R is particularly popular because of the wide field of vision it offers the wearer thanks to an easily removable and interchangeable integrated visor: the lens protects the eyes from sunlight and stays crystal clear with no fogging issues. Anyone that spends time out on the slopes knows only too well just how important it is to keep air circulating and so the Piuma-R features the superb Active Ventilation System comprising three air inlets. The user can also easily adjust the internal ventilation rate by using the lever at the back of the helmet. The Piuma-R is also wonderfully light – generally weighing no more than 500g. Last but not least, it offers exceptional comfort and freshness: the merino wool inner liner can be removed and washed when required and is affixed very securely and to the inside of the shell by three pins for a comfortable wrinkle-free fit. The Piuma-R is a unisex helmet suitable for all adults and comes in three sizes: M (58 cm), L (60) and XL (62).

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