ISPO Munich 2023: Day 3 Highlights

Who turned the clock again? As soon as ISPO Munich begins, the last day has already begun. "There is no such thing as the perfect match" - says Thomas Tuchel. For us, however, the third day was the perfect match: From empowerment at Women's Day by ISPO to the eagerly awaited interview with world-class soccer coach Tuchel.

Team spirit, game intelligence and mindfulness

This is the secret to success for one of the most influential coaches in the world of sport: Thomas Tuchel. In a captivating interview, the world-class coach shared stories from his coaching career and revealed the secret to success: team spirit, game intelligence and mindfulness.

In Tuchel's first public appearance as coach of FC Bayern Munich - outside of the press conferences - he captivated the audience in an hour-long interview and provided the perfect conclusion to ISPO Munich 2023.

"Everyone must be aware of how important team spirit is," says Thomas Tuchel. Team spirit is something very fragile, which is why it is essential that all players integrate themselves into a team with heart and mindset. Only then is a team prepared to make sacrifices and face challenges together.

And yet: in high-pressure situations, it is up to each player themselves - Game intelligence is required. And as important as a forward-looking game or quick, solution-oriented decisions are, Tuchel also emphasizes gut feeling, because that's what counts in the end. There is no such thing as the perfect game or the perfect training session, the coach explains and advises us: "Feel your team, feel the flow. If you have a feeling, trust it, listen to your gut feeling."

Something that is certainly beneficial and is therefore also becoming increasingly important in sport: mindfulness. The world and players are becoming more and more open to alternative training methods that focus on the mind. Methods such as meditation, Pilates, yoga or deep relaxation. And they are not only helpful as an individual: "You can be mindful when you are together, you can be respectful when you are together"

Thomas Tuchel is an inspiration to many as a coach and a person. He tells us who his inspiration is: "Everyone".

From female fighter pilots to outdoor pioneers: Inspiring women conquer ISPO Munich

The first ISPO Women's Day made its glittering debut on the Pink Stage - a morning full of vibrant energy and female voices that made the sports world sit up and take notice. Inspiring women from the sports industry gathered to share stories, celebrate successes and set a strong example for equality and diversity.

Lena Haushofer, Exhibition Director of ISPO Munich, aptly formulated the goal of the day: "We want to bring more women from the sports industry and other sectors together at ISPO Munich."

Nicola Winter, fighter jet pilot and ESA reserve astronaut, opened with a passionate message: success is a question of courage and perseverance, not gender. Her talk inspired the audience with a powerful mix of personal experience, wit and wisdom.

Ruth Oberrauch, the creative founder of LaMunt, outdoor brand of the Oberalp Group, overcame the "shrink it, pink it" principle. She emphasized the importance of products developed specifically for women in order to meet the real needs of women in sport.

Another highlight was the discussion on the dynamic rise of women's soccer, featuring influential personalities from the world of soccer. They shed impressive light on how women's soccer is not only enriching the world of sport, but also opening up new and exciting avenues for gender diversity and equality.

Finally, the audience was treated to the short film "Cycles", a free-ride documentary produced by an all-female team, which illustrated the incredible power and creativity of women.

With a packed hall and an audience that stayed until the end, the first ISPO Women's Day clearly demonstrated that the sports world is ready to give women more space and recognition.

Sustainability rocks: tour of the Sustainability Hub

For the third and final time today, visitors had the chance to take a trip through the place-to-be for a sustainable future: the Sustainability Hub. The guided tour gave participants a perfect overview of the Sustainability Hub with a focus on the circular economy. Longer durability, good reparability and the avoidance of waste are at the forefront, as demonstrated by the numerous brands that presented their business models and products there.

Sympatex and YKK, for example, set a good example for sustainability. Their joint collection was created according to new principles for the European textile market - and exclusively with raw material-saving, waste-avoiding, low-emission and recyclable materials. Another brand that impressed: Globetrotter. They presented their Re:think Store, which consists exclusively of leftovers from the old tenant, equipment from the Globetrotter Store or second-hand accessories. With this concept, they were able to save 102,230 tons of CO₂.

What remains of the Olympic Games?

It is common knowledge that Paris 2024 is set to be the most sustainable Games of modern times. For example, 95% of the sports facilities are already in place or only temporary, low-emission mobility is being promoted, there will be water sources instead of plastic bottles and mainly meat-free catering will be served. But the organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games want even more. Paris should also be sustainable on a social level. "We want society to benefit from the Games. That's why we are awarding 75% of all tenders to small and medium-sized enterprises," said Damien Combredet, Deputy Director of "Impact & Heritage Paris 2024". In addition, the label "Terre de juex 2024" label has also been developed, which French regions and cities can use for their marketing, and sports equipment will be distributed throughout the country after the Games. The focus is also on children, as Combredet emphasized: "Helping children aged 6 to 11 to be more active and achieve something together is, in my opinion, the strongest legacy we can build."

This is a no-brainer: How the industry can help workers in Bangladesh

"Are workers well protected against work-related injuries in Bangladesh?" This question was asked by experts at the Green Stage today. The answer is as simple as it is sad: No. Bangladesh is the only one of the 20 most important export countries for ready-made garments (RMG) that does not have any form of social insurance, not even for work-related injuries. And this is even a decade after the tragic Rana Plaza disaster. Dr. Anne-Marie La Rosa, Shafiqul Islam and Martine Riblan presented an attempt at a solution: A transformative initiative whose vision is national change towards a comprehensive protection system with effective remedies. The EIS (Employment Injury Scheme) Pilot.

Using the tragic story of two boys who lost their father, Senior Coordinator for Pilot Bangladesh ILO Dr. Anne-Marie La Rosa describes the mission of the pilot project. While the program pays compensation to people who are permanently unable to work, it also supports the relatives of deceased workers. This applies to all 4 million employees in Bangladesh's export-oriented garment industry. However, this is only possible thanks to voluntary contributions from participating brands. Puma, Montage and the Oberalp Group have already decided to support the pilot project. For Martine Riblan, Sustainability Specialist Oberalp, it was clear: "This is really a no brainer." and is setting an example for all brands: "We made the decision because we believe strongly in the fact that we also have a responsibility when it comes to our sources and decisions, but also because we are really interested in the well-being of the workers."

Laura Santucci on "Lobbying for the common good and leveling the playing field through politics"

As part of the ISPO Innovation Labs by NOW Partners, Laura Santucci explains to us today why sport needs a louder voice in politics. Laura Santucci is an experienced political and public policy leader who has served at the highest levels of government. Including as Chief of Staff in President Barack Obama's White House Office of Political Affairs. In the masterclass, the expert will share her insights on lobbying and focus on the opportunities for the sports industry to advocate for a healthier society.

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