ISPO Digitize Summit. Shaping The Future With Digital Know-How

Digitalization has given a rocket-like boost to the sporting goods industry in recent years. Manufacturers and retailers will learn the best ways to seize these new digital opportunities and to apply digital tools on July 3 and 4 during the ISPO Digitize Summit in Munich, the compact, clearly structured digital conference for the sporting goods industry. In addition to talks and discussions, the program will include a large number of workshops where participants can expand their base of practical knowledge and learn new skills. The conference will be opened by Judith Gerlach, the Bavarian Minister of Digital Affairs.

“The digital world turns fast,” says Christoph Rapp, Project Manager of the ISPO Digitize Summit. “It seems like new means of communication and tools are created every day. This changes consumer behavior and the requirements faced by manufacturers and retailers. Digital know-how is becoming a core skill in many company divisions so that customers can be reached in the right way and processes can be efficiently designed.” The summit’s program will provide participants with a wide range of new knowledge.

One trend that is increasingly being used in digital marketing is smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. They are rapidly conquering the market. During a workshop with Daniel Sprügel, the founder and owner of Sports Maniac, participants will learn more about the potential of voice technology and ways that the sports industry can prepare for this development. Customer communications will also be the focus of a workshop led by Tanja Wimmer, Project Manager for Innovation & Labs at Wirecard. She will discuss how conversion rates can be boosted through digital customer interaction. Reinhold Wawrzynek, a member of the Management Board and COO of MobiMedia, will talk about the relationship between manufacturers and retailers. He will show how, with the help of a digital order portal, continuous communications between both sides and, thus, optimal product management, a new digital order rhythm and the integration of the order portal into the sales management system can be achieved. An overview of all planned workshops is provided by the online event calendar.

Addresses, panel talks and discussions

The keynote addresses by highly respected digital experts will offer inspiration and vision. The speakers will include Tim Janaway, Senior Vice President at adidas Outdoor, and Steffen Hack, Director of Digital Commerce Outdoor at adidas. Their topic will be “digital in the real world.” Moritz Hagenmüller, the Managing Director of Accenture, oversees the strategic consulting business for German-speaking areas and Russia and is an expert for company and growth strategies in the age of digital transformation. He will offer insights into global digital trends during a talk titled “Beyond Omni-Channel – the Next Wave of Digital Innovations.”

Sebastian Lancestremere, the President of the Global Sports Innovation Center at Microsoft, will discuss how sports, driven by artificial intelligence, can be rethought. M-commerce will follow e-commerce: mobile shopping, an option that really appeals to young target groups. Melanie Mohr, the Managing Director of yeay, will discuss how influencer marketing can be correctly used here. More than 500 companies have already conducted the Digital Readiness Check to determine their degree of digital maturity. Stefan Herzog, the General Secretary of the Association of German Sporting Goods Retailers (VDS), will offer an overview of findings and recommendations for the industry.

Panel talks with representatives of the ECD and K5 platforms will encourage participants to share their thoughts. Stefan Zessel, the Director of Sales at shopware, and Sebastiaan van de Loo, Head of International Business Development at Color Digital who is one of the visionary bridge builders in the textile industry, will share their valuable knowledge.  The up-to-date program and tickets are available online.

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