Helsinki Ski Weeks Postponed To 2022

Helsinki Ski Weeks, the top skiing event planned for January-February 2021, will take place in spring 2022. Decision made by the Finnish Ski Association, FSA and its partners are willing to act responsibly to promote health and safety in the current COVID-19 situation.

The arrangements of the Helsinki Ski Weeks event was started in autumn 2019. Strong international and domestic partners and brands have been attached to the event during the year. The cooperation has been confirmed by long-term agreements with Santander, Docus, Stadium, Atria, Finnfoam, Snow Secure Oy and Le Gruyère AOP. In addition to commercial partners, the City of Helsinki acts as a strong event partner, as do the Stadion Foundation, Yle and, which is responsible for ticket sales. Olympic winner and multiple world champion Johannes Høstflot Klæboand Krista Pärmäkoski, one of the brightest stars of the X-Country Ski Team Finland acts as athlete ambassadors of the event Stadium Sprint.

“We already have an exceptionally strong partner network compared to the current pandemic situation all over the world. Together with our partner Marketing company i2, we would like to thank the partners who have set out to build a new event with us, and now, despite the postponement, they will stay with us looking to the future”.
Ismo Hämäläinen, Executive Director of the Finnish Ski Association

Helsinki Ski Weeks will be organized at 2022 and its arrangements will be promoted in the Ski Association in accordance with the strategy. The partners of the event are committed to the future and will build an event at 2022, which will combine the unique and innovative way the top-level sport and enables skiing for everyone at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium

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