Get Back To Nature In Tirol This Summer

Get back to nature in Tirol

This summer, it’s time to reconnect with nature. Go for a long hike in the mountains and enjoy some hearty local food at one of Tirol’s many slow food huts. Explore the Alps the eco-friendly way with sports like paragliding and trail running. Or if you really want to feel at one with nature, take a trip to the Kaiserwinkl’s forest sauna and let the trees take you on a journey of self-discovery.

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Heaven for hungry hikers

Slow food might be a new idea in many places, but in Tirol it has been around for centuries. Each valley is home to several farms, where local restaurants buy fresh regional produce direct from the source. And where is the best place to try Tirol’s slow food? On the mountain of course! Here are six of the region’s top slow food huts, with great food and epic Alpine views.

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The eco way to enjoy the mountains

If you want to be kind to the mountains this summer, there are plenty of great activities in Tirol that don’t leave a big carbon footprint. Try swimming in a crystal-clear lake with a backdrop of Alpine peaks. Maybe give trail running a go and discover the mountains on foot. Or how about bouldering? Here are five fun eco-friendly activities you’ll love.

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How to relax in the mountains

It’s getting harder and harder to properly switch off. Our phones are constantly buzzing, the kids are always wanting something and our to-do lists never seem to end. Is it still possible to relax and switch off from the world? Sandra Langmann set off to the mountains to find out. And after three exciting days of biking, canyoning and sweating in a forest sauna, she found her answer.

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"Apfelradln": Enjoy the Taste of Tirol at Home

Apples, flour, eggs and milk. That’s all you need to make “Apfelradln”, one of the most popular sweet treats in Tirol. Mix them all together and pop them in the pan with a little butter for a few minutes et voilà. Check out the recipe below for what we think is probably the best way to eat fruit.

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Don’t know where to stay?

Wooden beams, hand-crafted furniture and a crackling log fire: Tirol’s traditional guesthouses transport you back to a simpler time. Here’s a list of the very best.

» Traditional Guesthouses in Tirol

There’s one way to truly get back to nature and that’s camping. Check out these beautiful campsites throughout Tirol.

» Campsites in Tirol

Wake up to a view like no other. These rustic mountain lodges are located high up in the mountains and are the ultimate way to get away from it all.

» Best Alpine Huts in Tirol

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