FIS Summer Events Show The Way Back To Competition Activity

The FIS Ski Jumping Summer Grand Prix and the FIS Roller Ski World Cups made their first forays back to staging international competitions with events in Frenstat (CZE), Wisla (POL) and Otepää (EST).

With back-to-back weekends, the Ski Jumping community has shown that a return to competition activity is absolutely possible after an almost six-month-long halt to international events. After the Ski Jumping women opened the Summer Grand Prix in Frenstat (CZE) last weekend, this weekend it was the men’s turn in Wisla (POL).

At both venues, committed Organising Committees, together with their respective national health authority and National Ski Associations with FIS, created consistent concepts with clear procedures regulations for all involved parties led by Stan Szymanik, member of the FIS Medical Committee C-19 Project Group. Clear rules and guidelines were defined for athletes, teams and officials and volunteers, as well as all stakeholders; broadcasters, media, LOC workers and the visitors and spectators, which ensured a safe competition weekend for all.

“It was fantastic so see what is possible if all organisers and participants are prepared properly and respect the rules. Next to the high sporting value of the two events, the successfully implemented concepts make us all look towards the winter with confidence and optimism”, new Race Director Sandro Pertile said.

Also FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis drew a positive conclusion about the event and its organisation on the Polish TV station TVP and the strong performances of the Polish athletes where Ski Jumping is one of the most popular sports in the country.

From 21st to 23rd August, Tehvandi Sports Centre and the city of Tartu in Estonia, hosted this year‘s first FIS Roller Skiing World Cup weekend. With a good implementation concept of Covid-19 related restrictions, the organisers were able to host thrilling competitions. 

The well-organised event started off with a classic Sprint at the Tehvandi Sport Centre on Friday. On Saturday, the men’s and women’s fields competed in a 27km long mass start competition in free technique. On Sunday, the final competition day of the World Cup in Estonia awaited with 10km and 15km classic events. 

Fantastic conditions and tactical racing by the athletes made the races memorable. With competition mode finally switched back on for the athletes, the field will now move on to Madona (LAT) for a new weekend full of competitions. 

Find all information about the past race weekend in Otepää here.

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