FIS Council Votes In Favour Of The Centralisation Of Media And Broadcast Rights

The FIS Council has voted in favour of the centralisation of media and broadcast rights and paved the way for FIS to sign an exclusive agency agreement with Infront.

The agreement includes the distribution of the international media rights to FIS World Cup events for all platforms until and including 2033/34.This decision by the FIS Council follows months of intensive exchange with all FIS World Cup federations, in which FIS addressed open questions.

The vote by the FIS Council enables FIS to move forward with the centralisation for the benefit of the sport and the athletes and to secure the future of snow sports.

In his campaign to lead FIS, Johan Eliasch always made it clear that centralisation would be a core part of his Presidency.

"This decision by the FIS Council offers the opportunity to elevate our sport to new heights, to showcase the incredible talent and dedication of our athletes on a global stage and to establish a long-term calendar that provides stability for our World Cup hosts, while challenging us all to deliver events that captivate audiences and inspire generations. But perhaps most importantly, centralisation opens the door to a world of possibilities in media and content creation and will amplify our digital offerings, engaging fans like never before." said Johan Eliasch, FIS President.

However a number of FIS member nations have expressed what might be politely described as reservations as to this direction of travel from FIS

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