FIS Council July 2022 Meeting Decisions

The newly elected FIS Council held its first meeting in Zurich on 5th July, 2022. The Council dealt with a full agenda, namely the appointment of several key posts within the Council. A summary of the key decisions follows:

Prize Money Increase

The FIS Council approved a general 10% prize money increase for all World Cup events, men and women, beginning in the 2022-23 season. Of the new 110% prize money, FIS will contribute 20% of the total sum.

Appointment of Council Representation

The key appointments within the FIS Council approved during the meeting include:

  • FIS Vice Presidents Roman Kumpost, Aki Murasato, Flavio Roda, Martti Uusitalo,
  • FIS Treasurer: Enzo Smrekar
  • Executive Board: In addition to the FIS President and four Vice Presidents, Dean Gosper was appointed to the Executive Board. Hannah Kearney was named as the Athletes’ Representative.
  • FIS Deputy Secretary General: Niklas Carlsson was appointed in a new role as the FIS Deputy Secretary General. He will work together with FIS Secretary General Michel Vion.

Appointment Commission Members and Committees Chairs

In addition to the above appointments, the renewal of existing committees and commissions were approved. Several Commissions were appointed by the FIS Council including the Finance Commission, Audit Commission and Strategic Planning Commission, to name a few.

Additionally, the Chairmen of all of the FIS Committee and Sub-Committees were approved by the Council. An updated list will be posted shortly on the FIS website. The committee members will appoint Executive Boards within their Committees at the Autumn Technical Meetings. The term for the committees is through the FIS Congress in June 2024.

Russia and Belarus Participation

The current policy that Russian and Belarusian athletes may not participate in any FIS competition outside their home nation will remain in force through the summer season. The Council will revisit the topic in the Autumn as the situation in the Ukraine evolves.

Fluoride Wax Ban Update

An update on the Fluoride wax ban was provided with the summer testing underway. It was agreed by the Council that once all of the data is gathered from the testing that the Fluoride Working Group will present the findings to the FIS Executive Board at the beginning of August. The Executive Board will then decide on the best approach for the implementation of the ban for the upcoming season. The next steps will be made in conjunction with the International Biathlon Union.

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