Chinese Firm Looks To Buy Amer Sports

Amer Sports Corporation confirmed that it had received a non-binding preliminary indication of interest (the “Indication of Interest”) from a consortium comprising ANTA Sports Products Limited and the Asian private equity firm FountainVest Partners (the “Consortium”) to acquire the entire share capital of Amer Sports.

The Consortium has stated that making a cash tender offer on the basis of the Indication of Interest is subject to a number of conditions, including conducting a due diligence investigation, approval of the Board of Directors of ANTA and the Investment Committee of FountainVest, availability of financing from identified financing sources and receipt of a recommendation from the Board of Directors of Amer Sports. Completion of any such cash tender offer would in turn be subject to further conditions, including approval by shareholders holding at least 90% of the shares of Amer Sports and receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals.

At the request of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, Amer Sports confirms that, pursuant to the Indication of Interest, Amer Sports shareholders would be entitled to receive a cash consideration of EUR 40.00 per share for all of their shares in Amer Sports.

As set out in the announcement earlier today, shareholders are reminded that the Indication of Interest is subject to a number of conditions, and that completion of any cash tender offer by the Consortium would be subject to further conditions.

At this time, Amer Sports is not engaged in any negotiations with the Consortium and has made no decisions in respect of the Indication of Interest.

Amer Sports will release further information at an appropriate time if an agreement is reached with the Consortium in respect of a transaction or any negotiations are terminated or abandoned.

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