Burton Riglet Programme Partners With SnowKidz Award 2018

The Burton Riglet programme has been used by many SnowKidz Organisers to introduce a new generation to snow sports. The programme offers tools, comprehensive guides and video tutorials to make learning snowboarding easy and fun. Best of all, the entire programme can work both on and off the snow 

Thanks to the popularity of the programme and well-designed tools, Burton Riglet and SnowKidz will now team up. The partnership will begin with the upcoming SnowKidz Awards where the winner will receive a full Burton Riglet programme kit. In the future, SnowKidz will be working with Burton Riglet to give Organsiers easier access to the programme. 

For more information on the Burton Riglet programme visit www.burtonriglet.com

For more information on SnowKidz and the SnowKidz Award visit www.snowkidz.com

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