Brandnew 2019 - Overall Winner Is A New Concept For Mass Custom Manufacturing Of Alpine Skis

The expert jury for the  ISPO Brandnew award has selected the  2019 winners from  more than 400  submissions.  The  most innovative products with  true market  relevance  are   distinguished  each  year  in   the   world’s  largest competition for start-ups in the  sports industry. This year, the  concept from ORIGINAL+ for the  mass custom manufacturing of alpine skis came out  as the  overall winner. The  other award winners offered remarkable products with  personalized functions, new  safety features and unconventional ideas. Visitors  can see the   ISPO  Brandnew award winners and  finalists from February 3 through 6, 2019,  in the  ISPO Brandnew Village  at ISPO Munich.

“We had  extremely good  submissions this year:  The  decision ultimately came down to small details in the design, function or presentation. Along with a cohesive overall concept, the  marketability of the  product  is always a determining factor,” explains David Badalec, responsible for ISPO Brandnew. The  jury selected one Overall Winner as well as one  Winner in each of the  categories Accessories, Apparel, Fitness, Hardware Summer, Hardware Winter and Wearables.

The process is somewhat different with ISPO Brandnew Digital for start-ups in the field of digital services for the sports industry – from digital solutions for connecting fans and  teams, platforms for player analysis and training optimization through  to technologies that  allow sport to be experienced in a whole new way. The  young companies from this sports tech  environment will be  at ISPO Munich in the  new ISPO Digitize Area.  The  best concept will be  recognized by a  jury of top-class digital experts in a live pitch.

Here  is  an  overview  of  the  ISPO  Brandnew winners  who  have   already  been determined:

Overall Winner ORIGINAL+, Austria, 2016,

ORIGINAL+ is a  concept for the  mass custom manufacturing of alpine skis. A specially developed software works with artificial intelligence to interpret the biometric data of the athlete. Personal information provided about  their skiing style and  preferred area of use is then  combined with these parameters and  all of the collected information is translated into a tailor-made set of skis. “The award  was given for mass custom manufacturing, which – when  implemented at competitive prices – would be a major step for the industry,” emphasizes Thorsten Schwabe from INDIGO, a longtime member of the ISPO Brandnew jury. The award validates the   innovative  content  offered  by   ORIGINAL+,   which  also  won   over   the independent ISPO Award jury in 2018.

Winner Accessories Bluebird Mountain, Germany, 2017,

The PowderBee drone  from Bluebird Mountain shortens searches for avalanche victims by crucial seconds. Light (600g)  and  compact, it fits in any backpack and assists in emergency situations by searching for avalanche victims from the  air. While the drone  scans the avalanche surface, the search party can coordinate the next  steps in the  snow. If PowderBee detects a signal, it transmits a visual and acoustic notification and the rescue can  begin without delay.

Winner Apparel Hero Water Wear,  Australia, 2018,

Hero  Water  Wear  combines a  functional shirt suitable for water  sports with a lifesaving function. In an  emergency, the  integrated carbon dioxide cartridge is activated via a ripcord, which then  inflates air chambers in the  shirt’s chest and shoulder areas. It buoys the wearer and can thus save lives. There  are also other convincing features: The integrated SPF  50 protects against sunburn. A blend of 80%  polyester  and  20%  Lycra  with  flat  seams and  a  double  lining  ensures a comfortable fit.

Winner Fitness YoRoller, Austria, 2017,

YoRoller is a  portable fitness station for equipment-supported strength training indoors and outdoors with an adapter that enables it to be easily mounted to poles, handrails or trees. Based on the flywheel energy concept, the YoRoller works like a horizontal yo-yo that  responds to the  movement of the  user and  converts the rotational  energy  accordingly.  The   effects  of  training  result  purely  from  the athlete’s energy that is used and  converted – additional weight is not needed.

Winner Hardware Summer INOBO, France, 2017,

The modular kiteboard INOBO impressed the jury with a novel combination of a carbon exoskeleton and an additional deck pad. The exoskeleton ensures that the high-performance  board   remains  stable.  The  expanded deck   module  can  be exchanged at the surfing spot based on skill level – from beginner to professional – as well as the  surfer's preferences and  prevailing conditions. The  decks are available in different designs, colors and sizes.

Winner Hardware Winter SPLIT SKI, Poland, 2018, Website coming soon

The  SPLIT SKI is a real space saver. A technically simple yet  highly functional connector linking the  two elements makes the skis foldable and  thus the perfect travel companion by plane, train or bike. On  the  slopes, the  skis can  be  easily transported in a backpack for combined ski and alpine tours, then unfolded for full usability.  The  jury  was particularly  impressed  with  the  new  technical  connector attachment and the high quality of workmanship.

Winner Wearables  diPulse, Sweden, 2017,

diPulse  integrates  electrostimulation  (EMS)  in  functional  clothing  to  promote muscle training. Convenient, carbon-based control elements are  attached to the clothing without wires or electrodes. They enable targeted stimulation of particular muscle areas in every  training stage. In addition, an integrated virtual trainer can access the data  in real time and give the athlete active feedback.

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