Black Crows Drops A New ‘Blackdoc’ Featuring Michael “Bird” Schaffer.

black crows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high performance ski products and apparel, just dropped a new blackdoc featuring Michael “Bird” Schaffer. 

Bird's story is a patchwork, fragments and colorful stages that, in retrospect, mark out a journey still in motion. As everything is a cycle, and for this winged animal, it all comes back to the source, as he does himself every summer, back in Twisp (Washington), in the hilly land of his childhood.

Born into an atypical family, a fighter pilot father who left everything behind to follow his wife to a hippie project in the hills of Washington State, Michael Shaffer was raised free and happy, close to nature. Those were also hard and frugal years, which forged an iconoclastic character but above all one of unlimited freedom. Whether he skis, flies or speaks, Bird radiates this independence, this quiet sovereignty, of one who has no ties and is content with little. He is happy to sleep on a sofa if the skiing is good and to drink water, as long as the party goes on.

In this new black doc fly in the wake of the rare bird, this original crow who has been skiing the chevron since the very beginning, in a unique and unbridled sensory flashback, from the chicken coop to the dance floor.

There is no one like Michael. His encounter changes forever the perception of the world, because his energy shines upon every element as if a shower of light. It is the bird that skis and flies. Sometimes he is also the man, the one who lives before living.

He comes from Twisp, in the North Cascade range (Washington), a remote village in the far-off northwest of the United States. It is here that his parents chose to raise their children, away from the turmoil of the world, surrounded by nature, in the heart of a Christian hippie community. That is where he discovered skiing and espoused freedom. After higher education studies in the ecological sector, he worked for a period for an eco-responsible luggage brand before discovering Chamonix. Since then, his heart released the bird that sings within.

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