Bergbahnen Graubunden Conclude A Cloudy Easter, But A Pleasant Winter

As of March 31, 2024 or Easter Sunday, guests paying the Bündner Bergbahnen are around 10% higher than the long-term average values ​​and 2% higher than the total value for winter 2022/23.

Challenging March

Despite difficult weather conditions with a lot of precipitation, high temperatures and storms, especially on Easter days, the Bündner Bergbahnen recorded an increase in guests of 8.4% in March 2024 compared to the previous year. Compared to the five-year and 10-year averages, guest numbers in March were up 5.8% and down 2.4%, respectively. The few days with pleasant weather were actively used and show that snow sports are a necessity in spring. We can only hope that those snow sports areas that are still open in April and host numerous events will benefit from better weather.

Positive winter 2023/24

In the 2023/24 winter season (beginning of the season - end of March), 9.4% more guests visited the Grisons snow sports areas compared to the previous year and 10.2% more in the five-year comparison. Compared to the 10-year average, the increase in guests is 11.7%. Compared to the end of February 2024, this represents a slowdown in development, but it is still very encouraging. Compared to the very positive winter of 2021/22, the number of guests at the end of March for the whole of Graubünden was just 0.2% behind and 2.2% higher than for the entire winter of 2022/23. The Graubünden mountain railway industry can therefore be satisfied with the winter of 2023/24, despite difficult Easter days on the mountain.

The monitor from the industry organization Bergbahnen Graubünden (BBGR) covers 23 mountain railway companies or 90% of Graubünden's transport turnover.


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