Selects Amperity To Fuel Customer Data Strategy

Amperity, a leading customer data platform has announced a partnership with Backcountry, the premier online specialty retailer of outdoor gear and apparel, in which it will deploy its data services to manage and unify the brand's first-party customer data. Backcountry will leverage Amperity's best-in-class data management and customer analytics capabilities to build a better customer data foundation, drive revenue while continually improving customer experience.

Amperity's mission is to help companies use data to better serve their customers. They're revolutionizing the way companies identify, understand, and connect with their customers by leveraging AI to deliver a truly comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. This unified view improves marketing performance, fuels accurate customer insights, and enables world-class customer experiences. With Amperity, technical teams are freed from endless integration and data management, and business teams have direct access to the comprehensive data they need to build long-term customer loyalty and drive growth. Amperity serves many of the world's most loved brands, including Alaska Airlines, Lucky Brand, Kendra ScottKenneth Cole, Seattle Sounders FC, Crocs, Endeavour Drinks, and many more.

Backcountry and Amperity will work together to build a better customer foundation that will create more complete and accurate user profiles and provide clear insights that will enable Backcountry to curate more impactful content and top-line customer experiences. The customer data platform will improve Backcountry's data quality across all digital touchpoints.

"At Backcountry, our customers are our number one priority. Our partnership with Amperity will allow us to enhance our customer segmentation in an entirely new way that will allow us to understand our customers, and their needs, even better," says Sridhar Nallani, Backcountry's chief technology officer. "The platform will improve our analytics and directly inform our strategic decision-making, which will certainly be focused on serving our customers as best we can."

Amperity's product works for Backcountry and its other customers by continuously ingesting raw customer data across all touchpoints, using machine learning to resolve identities even when records lack unique identifiers across systems. The result is a unified customer database that centralizes data from online and offline transactions, loyalty programs, email interactions and more, enabling Backcountry to efficiently deploy customer data for targeting and analytics.

"Backcountry is a brand that is dedicated to creating positive experiences for its customers. Our goal is to simply strengthen the company's understanding of their customers, so that they can continue to connect with them in a meaningful way," said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity. "We're really looking forward to working with Backcountry and providing services that will better guide their data-driven decision making."

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