Arosa's Kulmwiese Public Beginners & Children's Area To Open From Christmas 2021

On the Kulmwiese in Innerarosa, a public beginners / children's area will be tested in winter 2021/2022. The beginners / children's area, which is accessible free of charge, opens its gates for the youngsters at Christmas 2021. In addition to the honeyland on the Prätschli, the Kulmwiese in Innerarosa is the second entry island into snow sports and part of the multi-year concept of the snow sports adventure world on the Tschuggen.
Simple, barrier-free, lively access to snow and snow sports is at the forefront of the overall concept Snow Sports Adventure World Tschuggen, which Arosa Bergbahnen AG initiated in 2016. After the Honigland, the first public and free entry island into snow sports, which opened in December 2017, another public beginners / children's area will be available from Christmas 2021 in the Kulmwiese in Innerarosa. As part of the complete revision of the local planning of Arosa, the municipality of Arosa concluded an agreement with the landowners of the Kulmwiese for a test operation in winter 2021/2022. The private landowners make their land available for winter use.
The practice lift in the Kulmwiese can be used free of charge by all guests, large or small, as well as for the snow sports schools and is open daily from 9.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (from January 22 until 4.30 p.m.). The practice area is divided into a freely accessible public area and a sector for the snow sports schools. The Kulmwiese is operated and maintained by the Arosa Bergbahnen.
4th stage in the Tschuggen snow sports adventure world
The "Snow Sports Adventure World Tschuggen" is a project of the Arosa Bergbahnen, which aims to make snow sports attractive for the youngsters in Arosa Lenzerheide and to promote it. Arosa wants its advantage as a ski area in the village at 1,800 m above sea level with guaranteed snow. play and imaginatively stage the area around the Tschuggen. The Tschuggen snow sport adventure world is implemented according to a multi-year stage plan. After the honey country as a public and free entry island to the snow in 2017, the next stage followed the following year with the sleeping Tomelibär and the Bärensnowpark at the Ried ski lift. The "fidgeting search game", which will be newly installed in the coming winter 2021/2022, is the third stage in the multi-year development plan. And now, with the freely accessible public Kulmwiese, the 4th follows. Stage. All guests are warmly welcome.

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