Aquasol Offers Stabilization And Greening Of Tow Lift Routes In Bike Parks

The current boom in cycling brings new challenges for both, sports shops and operators of ropeways. Mountainbikers climb up hills for physical fitness and looking for the adrenaline rush. A special type of this sport is called „Downhill“. Special bikes, which are offered by specialist shops, are required for this way of going down the mountain.

Downhill can be mastered several times a day, similar to a ski run in winter. Downhillers are pulled up the mountain with mechanical ascent aids. This sport is therefore an interesting line of business for the ski lift industry, as several repetitive trips are made per day.

If a T-bar lift is available as an ascent aid, there are appropriate devices to be towed up the mountain with your bike. The driver sits on the bike and is pulled in the drag lift lane. In this case, the route of the drag lift is very heavily used because the tires leave deep tracks.

The installation of the Aquasol grass grid system in the entire surface of the drag lift lane enables comfortable and safe ascents. A honeycomb grid construction made of HDPE plastic, filled with substrate, stabilizes the drag lift lane. Professional installation and greening with site-specific seed types are the prerequisites for a damage-free green drag lift route.

After the first vegetation periode, the track is fully passable. Visually, this surface blends in almost invisibly into the surroundings. There is no floor sealing, as the proportion of open area is approx. 95%.


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